Baydon Parish Council Meeting – Monday 27th November 2017

News Report by Barbara Furber




There were 4 Councillors present at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 27th November 2017. Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard and approximately 12 villagers were also in attendance.


Cllr Sarah Chidgey volunteered to chair the meeting for that evening, but said that no Councillor wished to take on the role of Chair permanently now that Tamsin Witt had resigned. She thanked Tamsin, in her absence, for the 10 years of hard work and service to the village, and latterly as extremely able chair.


As the council was chair less and only had 4 out of the 7 councillors required, it was urgent, said Cllr Chidgey that more volunteers were found. She had asked the clerk to check how long the council could exist without a permanent chair person.


Cllr Chidgey then opened the Public Question Time asking for respect and consideration from the floor.

Debbie Moxon reported that a company owning heavy vehicles had been requested by someone not to enter the village. This, she added, was bad news for the shop as the lorry drivers always stopped to buy.

Debbie also brought a request from Julie of the Red Lion for all the Save Baydon Lion banners to be removed as soon as possible.

April Dukes asked that minutes from Parish Council meetings be published more promptly. Cllr Chidgey replied that she had already raised the matter with clerk.

Mrs Jukes also asked if a maintenance plan had been put in place for the World War Commemorative Trees that were to be planted in the paddock.  Cllr Chidgey said that as far as she was aware the school were in agreement with the trees being planted but she would check, and also see if a maintenance plan was in place.  Cllr Sarah Hancock said that the plan was to plant the trees between the road and paddock so they would not be in the children’s play space.

Kevin Howell said that it was sad that people’s actions had driven away hard working volunteers from the Parish Council when those volunteers had contributed so much.


When asked what was planned as traffic calming at the west end of the village. Cllr Chidgey said that she had had a meeting with Steve Hinds of Highways who hoped to lower the hedge making the gate more obvious and make a “tunnel” effect entrance to the village with long rumble strips.  The clerk is to ensure that all plans are on the website.  Mrs Jukes said that she would like an item on the agenda to discuss how the east chicane was being.


As PQT had run into 20 minutes, the chair then called for the council meeting to begin.


A small matter of change to the minutes of the last meeting was discussed. It was agreed that they did not reflect properly an email from Jane Archer. It was agreed to write “Mrs Archer was unable to attend the meeting”.


Someone from the floor complained about the Highways meeting but the chair said that the meeting concerned was not called by the Parish Council therefore it was necessary to raise any issues with Steve Hind of Highways.


There was only a minor reference to Baydon in the Police report.


There was some discussion around the Save the Lion campaign. Kevin Howell explained that all avenues were explored, including meeting with people at the Tally Ho Pub. The campaign will not continue at the moment, but will be ready to continue if the need arose in the future.


The clerk, Oliver Armstrong, reported that he had met with Pittams. They had said that there were still gaps in the hedge around the Green but eventually the plants would grow to fill them.


The clerk was requested to look into the costs of moving the 30mph signs further out on Aldbourne Road.


A list of jobs had been compiled by the councillors for the Parish Steward.


Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard explained that the Steward would arrange jobs that go together as a better use of their time.


A letter had been received asking for financial help with the Church repairs.  Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard and the clerk explained that although the Council must help maintain the churchyard as if it were a public place, it could not help with Church repairs. The clerk was requested to write and inform the PCC.


The TAOSJ (Taking Action on Safe Journeys to school) report was noted, especially the “informal one way system in Finches Lane”. However the matter was between the school and Wiltshire Council. Councillor James Sheppard said that he felt they were excellent recommendations.


Item 14, a mobile phone for the clerk, was deferred.


The clerk was still awaiting quotes for repairs to the Playground equipment. Nothing, he added, was high risk.


Planning :-


A single storey extension to Manor Cottage, Manor Lane; Construction of a two storey extension to Midway, Ermine Street: A replacement sun room, front porch and internal alterations to Old Chapel House, Aldbourne Road. All raised no comments from the councillors.



Finance :-


Barclays Community Fund £26,936.16: General reserve £19,500.00;

Cricket fund £1,207.18; Petty cash £20.00; Total £47,663.34.


Pittams £1,485.00; SSE Electricity £20.23; Castle Water £35.42;

Clerks salary £236.43; Cllr Billington expenses £21.60; Interview expenses £5.00


Cricket Fund Interest £0.25



It was noted that the external auditor PFK Littlejohn LLP had been appointed.


The budget was deferred to the next meeting.


Cllr James Lawrence was added to the bank signatories and Amy Bryan and Tamsin Witt removed.


The chair then thanked the Firework Committee and team for their hard work. She said that she appreciated how much time and effort was put in to such a spectacular village event.


Thanks were also extended to those who helped with the recent litter pick.


It is hoped that the Christmas tree would be erected on the Green ready for the first Sunday in December. Corals around the Tree would be held on Friday 22nd December.


The meeting closed at 8.45pm


Dates for Council meetings 2018 :-


15th January; 19th February; 9th April; 14th May; 25th June; 30th July; 10th September; 22nd October; 26th November;  Parish Assembly on Friday 11th May 2018.




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