Recent aerial photos of Baydon village



In early February 2007 local resident Kevin Barnes was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fly over the village in a micro-light during what was a lovely bright and clear winterís day.


Kevin took this great opportunity to take some aerial photos of the village, and was kind enough to e-mail them to me to post up onto the Baydon website. So not to take anything away from the high quality of the photos I have not reduced them down in size so if you are viewing this website without Broadband you may have a slight wait as the photos open on your screen.


If you want to zoom in on a particular photo that say has you house within it, etc then you would be best to save a copy of the photo down to your PCís hard drive, then open it with an application such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and these applications then allow you to zoom in and out on chosen areas of the photo to get the closest decent image of your house or area.


Hint:- with the website photo open on your screen, select File + Save As and chose where to save it (eg on your Desktop or in your my Documents), then right-click on top of the locally saved Jpeg and select Open With, or open a photo viewing application that you have and browse to the saved Jpeg


Click on the photos below :-


Photo 1† = †Photo 1

Photo 2† = †Photo 2

Photo 3† = †Photo 3

Photo 4† = †Photo 4

Photo 5† =† Photo 5

Photo 6† =† Photo 6

Photo 7† =† Photo 7



Mark Austen


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