Baydon Parish Assembly

on Friday 11th May 2018




The Baydon Parish Assembly was held in the BYPA (Baydon Young Peoples Association) Hall on Friday 11th May 2018. 20 villagers and 4 councillors were in attendance.


The acting chairperson Cllr Sarah Chidgey welcomed everyone, and gave a short report of the Parish Councils activities through the year. She said that it had been a year of great changes. Firstly the clerk had resigned as had the chair Tamsin Witt and councillor Amy Bryan.  Oliver Armstrong had become the new clerk, she and Sarah Hancock had become councillors.


The Traffic Calming measures had been completed and no new measures will be put into place for about three months. A safety audit will then be made before other traffic calming measures are considered.  The council had received approval to move the 30mph signs further out of the Village towards Aldbourne. The signs would then be at the village gates.  The council were also looking at reducing speed in Manor Lane; therefore a metro count will be conducted.


It had been agreed, Cllr Chidgey added, to have 9 trees to commemorate the WW1 villagers who died, but the Parish Council was waiting for conformation that fruit trees can be used.  The Parish Council had, she said, provided money for the Table Tennis Club, and funded Raffle Tickets for the Village Fete.  The various Christmas Village activities on the Green had been a success thanks to all who had contributed. Cllr Chidgey said the council were also working with the head of Baydon St Nicholas School on “Journey to School”.


The letter from Julie, landlady of the Red Lion was read aloud stating ”to keep the pub open, villagers need to use it”.


Cllr Chidgey emphasised the need for volunteers to become councillors as it was extremely difficult to run with just four people, especially now as the clerk had given in his resignation.


Various reports were given by leaders of groups active in Baydon. Their full reports can be found in the Parish Council minutes.


A report was read from Debbie McDonald leader of the Mother and Toddler group which meets on Monday mornings at the BYPA Hall. 8 families attend at present to enjoy a friendly get together with songs and games.


Wendy Appello from the Brownies pack said that 14 girls attended on a Wednesday evening with 3 qualified leaders. However these 3 leaders need to pass on the leadership of this enthusiastic pack, but are willing to help support in September until new people are trained.


Jenny Gribble spoke for the Baydon Allotment Association say that it had been a challenging year, weather wise, causing late planting. All allotments were being worked, with more flowers being grown to encourage propagation.


Trevor Dominy reported that the Firework Committee had held another successful night in November. The committee received training throughout the year. Thanks were extended to Jonathan Smith for the loan of the field, the Parish Council, the Brownies for refreshments, Debbie at the shop and Julie at the Pub, Father Christmas will, it was promised, be visiting again this year.


The Head of St Nicholas School, Caroline Knighton gave a very extensive report of a “very great year”. OFSTED had deemed the school good with the 138 children being “well-mannered and good learners who thought their school was amazing” .  The Diocesan inspection gave the school Good with outstanding for 2 of the 4 areas. Mrs Knighton listed the many and varied activities enjoyed by the school through the year. She thanked Ramsbury Estate for their support and help with education trips. She also thanked the “Friends of Baydon School” for their excellent fund raising efforts.  Mrs Knighton mentioned that WAGTAILS were now seeking a new leader for the Breakfast / After School club.


Donni Blackwell as part Church Warden said that there were 21 regular attendees with 64 adults +23 children at Special Services. There had been 4 Baptisms, 1 Marriage and 4 Funerals during the year. She thanked the village for supporting the recent fundraising events.


Nial Cooling said that the Thursday Cycling Club was in its 4th year with 15 members. 2 groups separate and leave the Pub. All are covered by group insurance. The highlight of year was a trip to Cumbria.


Jim Grove spoke for the Baydon Bash Golf Club which has 20 members, but is always open to visitors. Anyone interested should contact Steve Sutton.


The Baydon Young Peoples Association (BYPA) was represented by Gordon Walker. He said that there were 5 volunteers who were mainly involved with the management and maintenance of the Hall at the present time. All were welcome to the AGM the date of which to be announced shortly.


Colin Yeo reported that the Baydon Social Group meets on the 2nd Thursday each month and has had many fun / entertaining activities planned. Anyone interested was welcome to join.


The Table Tennis Club which meets at the BYPA Hall on a Friday evening has a good group of regulars, reported Bernie Gribble. He thanked the Parish Council for enabling the Club to purchase another table. 4 juniors had now joined and Gordon Walker had been appointed as coach. It was he said a “pay as you play” rather than a subscription.  All new members, especially children, were welcome.



There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50pm.      



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