Draft Minutes


Friday 11 May 2018 - 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr Sarah Chidgey (Acting Chair)
Cllr Brian Billington          
Cllr James Lawrence
Cllr Sarah Hancock

Clerk                     Oliver Armstrong

Public                   20

1              APOLOGIES
No apologies received.

The acting Chair provided an update on the previous year Council activities. The council had gone through a year of change with the resignation of the Chairman Cllr Tamsin Witt and Cllr Amy Bryan and the co-option of herself and Cllr Hancock. Amy Booth, the previous Clerk, resigned in June 2017 and was subsequently replaced by Oliver Armstrong.

                Traffic calming measures had been completed and Cllr Chidgey stated that no new measures would be considered until the Stage 2 Safety Audit was conducted around the Ermin Street build out, which is expected to take place three months after the measures had been installed. The CATG did previously accept the proposal to re-locate the 30mph signs to a more conspicuous location along Aldbourne Road however this is considered a low priority.

Cllr Chidgey advised that the council will be looking at measures to reduce speed in Manor Lane and suggested a metro count could be arranged for any road in the village.  

The WW1 commemorative tree application from Wiltshire Council had been sent and the Council were awaiting final confirmation of the proposal. The proposal was for the planting of 9 fruit trees in the playing field, the number of trees represented the villagers who died during WW1.

Cllr Chidgey reported that the council had provided financial support to the table tennis club to allow them to purchase a second table tennis table. The village fete also received funding for the printing of the raffle tickets.

The Christmas on the Green event had been a great success and Cllr Chidgey thanked all the individuals involved.

The council had been working with Baydon St Nicholas School on the recent Taking Action on School Journey report. 

Cllr Chidgey explained that the council now had only four members and urged residents to apply to become a councillor.    

Cllr Chidgey read a letter on behalf of Julie Wyatt, the landlady of the Red Lion pub. The letter encouraged more residents to use the facility or risk losing it. 


Debbie McDonald, Toddler Group
- The Toddler group is steadily growing and has around 8 to 10 families attending the Monday morning session at the BYPA Hall. The group warmly welcome new families from Baydon and the surrounding area.

                The group are building up a great selection of toys from kind donations and there is a weekly craft or messy play activity for the children to experience.

                A hot drink is provided for parents/carers on arrival and the children sit together for a healthy snack around 10am. The group finishes off with a circle time and the children take it in turn to share their favourite song with the group.

                The group had a fantastic Christmas party and Moo Music came to entertain the children, finishing off with a visit from Father Christmas.

                Unfortunately, it was reported that there had been mice in the shed and the group were looking to dispose of the resources which were not salvageable.

                The group are hoping to get some more adult helpers on the rota system.

The Toddler group is much needed friendly informal group getting out local preschool families together.

                Wendy Appelo, Brownies – 1st Baydon Brownies has met every Wednesday at the BYPA hall, during school term time. The group currently have 14 girls on the register and have had a number of enrolments throughout the year but have reluctantly said goodbye to a number of the older Brownies. The group were fortunate to have three fully qualified adult leaders over the past year and supportive parents when we need an extra pair of hands.

                Since the previous Parish Assembly the group has taken part in many varied activities, some of which have enabled the girls to obtain Girl Guiding interest or achievement badges. Although the girls are encouraged to work on badges outside of the meetings, the group also try to structure the evenings around a couple of badge requirements during the year.

                The 1st Baydon Brownies have also worked on; Healthy Heart which encourages the girls to think about nutrition and exercise, First Aid and World Cultures which aimed to encourage the girls to explore different cultures through cooking and craft.

                The bonfire night was successful and all profits were put back into the Brownie fund to keep subscriptions all low as possible for members. Also the group were present at the Remembrance service in Baydon St Nicholas Church, where the girls presented the Pack flag to the clergy.

                Sadly, Jayne, Charlie and Wendy have decided to step down from the Brownies. The three leaders with nearly 30 years of experience felt for many reasons it was time to move on. The adult leaders would really want to pass on the leadership of this small enthusiastic group of girls to a new set of leaders and encouraged anyone to contact the leaders or visit the Girl Guiding website.        

                Cllr Chidgey thanked the three leaders for all of their hard work, time and effort which has been invested.

                Jenny Gribble, Baydon Allotment Association – The year was reported to be a challenge as the weather has been against the allotment holders but improved weather has brought on increased activity. The allotment holders are hoping for good crops this year and the group noted all the plots are being cultivated and are looking very presentable.

                The Little Crickets no longer own the plot but the allotment association hope they can offer support to children in the future.  

                The allotments are looking more colourful as more people are growing flowers to attract bees which will help pollinate the crops.

                Trevor Dominy, Firework Committee – The 2017 bonfire and firework display was very successful with 821 people coming through the gate and a total of £687 towards this years event.

                Ongoing training and assessments by Pains Fireworks are held throughout the year for the group.

                The event has been so successful due to the support received. The group thanked Jonathan Smith for use of the field, the Parish Council, all the stewards, Julie at the Red Lion, Debbie at the shop, and the ladies on the gate.

                Finally, due to popular demand by children and adults discussions are in progress to make Father Christmas make a returned visit again this year.   

                Head of St Nicholas School, Caroline Knighton – The Headteacher of Baydon St Nicholas provided a report which shows as appendix A in the minutes.

                Donni Blackwell, Church Warden – The Church Warden provided a report which shows as appendix B in the minutes.

                Nial Cooling, Thursday Cycling Club – The Thursday Cycling club was in the 4th year with 15 members. The group are covered under British cycling which covers the liability insurance. The coast to coast ride was the highlight for the previous year.

                Jim Grove Baydon Bash Golf Club – The Baydon Bash Gold Club was formed in 2006 and has approximately 20 participants, with handicaps ranging from 12-28. The group caters for all abilities and not all players are local and have had participants from Manchester and the even the USA.

                The society usually has 3-4 golf days per year which are held locally and are always open to new members. The day generally consists of breakfast a full game of golf and dinner afterwards.

                Each year the society has a weekend away at the end of September ending with award giving ceremony at the Red Lion, last years winners included Richard Leighfield as the overall winner, Alistair Menzies for the longest drive and Jim Grove for nearest the pin.

                This year the group will be going to Bryn Meadows in Wales on 21st September.

                If anyone is interested in joining the society days they are to contact Steve Sutton. 

                Gordon Walker, BYPA Committee – The BYPA charter is to help, provide support and educate young people to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities through informal educational or leisure-time activities for their benefit. The association will offer these services to young people living in Baydon and the surrounding area.

                Currently the BYPA committee consists of 5 volunteer members who run the management and maintenance of the hall.  The hall has a number of regular users which has been added to with a table tennis club, karate training, toddler group and a fitness session.

                The pre-school was a major source of income and sadly this has been lost. The budget is tight and the committee thoroughly evaluate the maintenance needs against the income. No major maintenance projects have taken place but have not been forgotten and will be arranged when the finances allow.

                The BYPA committee are looking for new rental opportunities and are striving to raise the profile of the facility to encourage bookings. Prices have increased significantly but are still very affordable and competitive.  

                An AGM will be held in the coming weeks which residents were invited to however no date had yet been confirmed.

                Colin Yeo, Baydon Social Group – Baydon Social Group meet once a month to enjoy and agenda that the group plan at the beginning of the year. All members take part to help organise various activities so it is not too onerous on one person. It is a very casual organisation and so far this year we have had a games evening, theatre, a trip to Ramsbury Brewery and an interesting talk on Operation Loyton. We have also planned some fun events for the rest of the year. If you are interested in joining please contact Barbara Furber.  

                Bernie Gribble, Table Tennis Club – The Baydon table Tennis Club is almost 18 months old and still going strong. New members are attending every month. The club consists of several stalwart members and a larger group of causal players who play less frequently.

                The club meet at 19:00 – 21:00 on Friday nights in the BYPA hall.

                In the previous year Baydon Parish Council generously agreed to provide the club with a second table which assisted in expanding membership and introduction of single games instead of doubles.

                In recent months the club has welcomed four junior members to the club, parents were urged to encourage their children to come and give table tennis a go.

                 The club is still trying to increase membership and encouraged all residents to try the sport.

4              ANY OTHER MATTERS
No further items discussed.  

The meeting closed at 20:50

Signed                                                                                   Cllr Sarah Chidgey/Acting-Chair                      Date 



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