Baydon Parish Council Meeting on 9th April 2018

News report by Barbara Furber




There were twenty two villagers present at the Parish Council meeting held at the BYPA hall on Monday 9th April 2018. Three councillors were also present and Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard. Apologies were received from Cllr Sarah Hancock.


Cllr Sarah Chidgey was voted in as chair, she then read the standing orders reminding everyone that the meeting was for Parish Councillors and that members of the public could only speak in Public Question Time (PQT) or when requested to do so by the Council.


Mr Jim Grove began PQT by pointing out that ditches in Shepherds Lane needed clearing and also the drains in Aldbourne Road and Ermin Street that were blocked.


Mr Grove also said that he objected to Mrs Archer’s letter (item 7) implying that “the entire village” agreed with her opinions. He and he felt, most of the villagers were in favour with what the Parish Council were doing to reduce speed in the village. It was important for the village to get behind the Council in their efforts “If you don’t like what they are doing, then join them” was his final remark.


Mr Kevin Howell said he agreed with Mr Grove and added his sincere thanks for all the council were doing. It was a difficult job. He also pointed out that the zig zag lines outside of the school needs repainting, and the SID needs “tweaking” as it is flagging up 25mph rather than 30mph.


Cllr Chidgey said that most thanks should go to Mrs Tamsin Witt who had put most effort into the traffic calming measures.


Mrs Denise Dawson read questions from someone who she said couldn’t attend and preferred to remain anonymous,

(1)     When were the plans for the West Gate approved?

(2)     How much had it cost the village?

(3)     Is the work completed?


Cllr Chidgey said she wasn’t quite sure without referring to the minutes, but it was agreed in September 2017. The project cost the village £6,000 which was the amount agreed some years ago for the project. The project is not complete as yet.


Mrs Dawson pointed out that the “Keep Clear” sign on the road at Ermin Close was not clear enough.  Cllr Chidgey agreed to speak to the contractors.


Wendy Harper reported that big lorries from the west side of the village were driving onto the pavement outside of Five Ways. She felt that bollards were needed to stop vehicles mounting the pavements.

It was agreed to speak to Highways. Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard suggested talking to Andrew Jack and raise the matter at CATG meetings.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.


The Clerk read the Police report about an attempted burglary at the Red Lion and similar incidents in the Marlborough area.


The emails received were noted and considered by the council but not discussed.  This did not meet with Mrs April Juke’s approval. She felt she wanted something done about the cars that misuse the chicane near her property. She had, she said, collected bits of car that had flown off in altercations with drivers and that the councillors were not listening to her.  Cllr Chidgey said that the Council had listened and taken note. This caused Mrs Jukes to shout over the councillors. It was decided to close the meeting at 8.15pm. Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard said that the public should leave the meeting, many left but Mrs Jukes refused to go.  The meeting recommenced at 8.25pm when Mrs Jukes had left.


The Clerk, in his report said that the Parish Steward would be beginning work again on 16th April. Bad weather had hampered his work.  The tree work in Payne’s Lane had been completed.


Cllr James Lawrence was now a bank signatory.


It was agreed to refurbish the bench at the entrance to Downsmead at the cost of £195.00 from general reserves a/c.


The playground contract for inspection, including the collection from 3 bins, was agreed.


Cllr Chidgey said that she had met with Mrs Caroline Knighton, head of Baydon School to discuss the problem of parking at school times. The head gave a brief summary of the traffic survey taken by the school and its outcome.  It proposed an installation of 20mph outside of the school; refreshing of the Bar markings on Aldbourne road; Installation of bollards at the end of school grounds to ensure that people do not park too close to the entrance of Finches Lane.  When some of these were in force it was suggested an informal one way system in Finches Lane during pick up / drop off times.  The head assured councillors that all communications from school urges parents to park responsibly.


Mrs Gribble of Baydon Allotment Association has agreed that the BAA will maintain any WW1 Commemorative trees planted in the play area. It was agreed to have 9 Fruit trees planted in the Play Area.

It was agreed that the Paddock was not suitable, because of maintenance problems.


Planning application for a 4 bed dwelling at Baydon Cote, Aldbourne Road and a new vehicular access at Turf Run were approved by County.


The following applications received no objections from the Parish Council;

(a)     21 Downsmead for a single storey extension and garage extension.

(b)     26 Downsmead for a two storey extension and a replacement garage.

(c)     Residential dwelling on land off Aldbourne Road between Becketts and Turf Run;

(d)     Construction of a flat roof extension at Starvon Manor.




Income: Barclays Community (Allotment Income) £40.00; Cricket Fund (Interest) £0.23:

Bank statements:

Barclays Community a/c £22,419.60; General reserve £19,536.26: Cricket Fund £1,208.17:

Petty Cash £20.00:


Payments to approve: Idverde (Play area inspection) £33.20: Castle Water £15.26:

                                WALC / NALC (Subscription) £268.40:


Clerk’s salary 3 months (Feb, Mar & Apr) £709.29, Mileage Claim (3 months) £23.40.


The quarterly budget was approved.


Cllr Lawrence suggested that the community be asked what they would like the surplus monies to be spent on. Cllr Chidgey said that letters had been received too late to go on the agenda, but they will be included at the next meeting.


Asked why the Village Hall signs had been erected when the village doesn’t have a Village Hall. Ms Chidgey replied that the BYPA committee had made the decision and that it was nothing to do with the Parish Council.


It was noted that the Parish Assembly would be held on Friday 11th May 2018.


It was also noted that the traffic speed had been reduced on 85 percentile from 44.3 mph to 39.8mph. Mr Carter remarked that it showed the village needed to continue with traffic calming measures.

Cllr Lawrence said that it was all about awareness, not just speed counts.



The meeting closed at 8.50pm





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