Baydon Parish Council Meeting – Monday 31st July 2017

News Report by Barbara Furber



The Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 31st July 2017 at the BYPA Hall was chaired by Cllr Amy Bryan in the absence of Cllr Tamsin Witt. Cllr Sarah Chidgey was also absent. There were also 6 members of the public in attendance.


Cllr Bryan welcomed the new Parish clerk Oliver Armstrong, who is also an administrator at Wroughton Parish Council.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.


Cllr Bryan announced that in the June Police report there was one incident of Anti-Social Behaviour between neighbours in Baydon, and a garage theft in Aldbourne. Mrs Debbie Moxon added that there had been a theft from a garage in Ermin Close this month.   It was noted that our new Police Community Support Officer is Lucy Stonestreet.


In Public Question Time Mrs April Jukes said that the footpath to Baydon House, and the path behind Barley Fields were over grown. She also reported a blocked drain in Aldbourne Road.  The salt box on the corner of Manor Lane and Ermin Street, she added, had been knocked into the ditch. Mrs Jukes suggested that she moved it further down into Manor Lane before it was filled with salt. The Parish Council thank her for her willingness to solve the problem.


Mrs Veronica Norman reported two very bad holes in the road on the Peaks. She also requested that copies of emails sent to the Parish Council concerning the buildouts be sent to her and her solicitor. At this point Wiltshire Councillor James Sheppard entered the meeting. After much discussion Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard agreed to contact Wiltshire Council’s legal team to ensure that she had copies.


Mr David Verco then queried the format of the council meetings. He felt that the Public Question Time was in the wrong place and that residents should be able to comment on various items during the meeting. The biggest point being, he said, was discussion about the buildouts. Villagers were against it, he said, and they didn’t get a chance to put their opinions forward.  Mrs Barbara Furber said that in her experience of regularly attending meetings for the past 25 years, the councillors always gave the villagers the opportunity to speak on contentious issues. Wiltshire Councillor Sheppard emphasised that it was primarily a councillors meeting, not a public consultation meeting.  After some discussion it was agreed, as a trial next meeting, to split the Public Question Time thus giving 10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting and 10 minutes at the end. Cllr Bryan however said that the timing would be very strict to ensure that the meetings closed by 10pm.


The planning application for a classroom extension and alterations at St Nicholas CE School brought no objections from the councillors.


It was asked that residents note the Clerk’s email address was now , and that the old address was no longer monitored.


Cllr Brian Billington reported that Lydia Hogan had completed her litter picking in the village, towards her Duke of Edinburgh’s award. She had yet to return the equipment.


The council had not yet received an invoice for work carried out re the mole problem at the Parish Field, nor had they received a quote for gassing the moles.


The previous clerk had emailed Lucy Stonestreet to request a police speed watch in the village but as yet had had no reply.


The update on the Parish Steward scheme had not yet been completed.


It was agreed that Cllr James Lawrence draft a letter to the home owner whose tree was blocking the pavement on the corner of Aldbourne Road and Ermin Street.  Cllr Lawrence said that he would speak to the house owner first.


An email had been received from Wiltshire Council concerning the buildout to the west of the village. Cllr Lawrence read the email which stated that a change of decision had been made by the Council following a letter from the Norman’s solicitor.

Wiltshire Council said that they felt unable to proceed with the buildout as they could not afford to fight any legal action taken against them. The Ermin Close buildout will proceed, however, and Highways would continue to look into ways of reducing speed in Baydon. The West buildout could only be reviewed if residents withdrew their legal action.


A report on the Playground was received in June. Cllr Sarah Hancock asked what the council proposed to do about, adding that only minor, low risk items were listed. Cllr Bryan requested that the contractors be asked for a quote for the minor repairs.


Cllr Billington has contacted Heather Birch of the Allotment Association concerning the leaking tap and she has located the stopcocks so that Alan Archer can do the repair.


Cllr Hancock said that the council had missed the Baydon Scene deadline, but hoped to get the Questionnaire into the next issue, as the first step towards the New Village Plan. The council have until January 2018 to apply for a grant towards this.

It was noticed that the new Clerk has had experience of producing a Village Plan in Wroughton.


A request for a Metro count in Manor Lane is to go forward to CATG.


The Baydon Young Peoples Association (BYPA) committee have requested funding towards signage. There would be 4 signs directing people to the hall, and 2 posts, costing in total £510.00. The committee were requesting the council donate half the cost. Councillors agreed in principle, if the money could be found.  Mrs Debbie Moxon suggested that a map of the village be posted with all the important places clearly identified. The council agreed to look into the idea.


There was a great deal of discussion from the council and all those present about WW1 commemorative trees being planted in the village. It was decided to approach the Church Warden about putting a tree in the Church Yard.




It was agreed that Cllr Billington become an additional signatory for the Parish Council.


Cricket Fund (interest) £0.26    

Bank Statements: Barclays Community £21,917.07; General reserve £19,500.00;

Cricket fund £1,206.17; Petty cash £20.00;

Parish Council Total £42,643.24;


Payments approved; BYPA Hall hire £33.00; C Booth - clerk (final salary) £27.90


The meeting closed at 9.07pm.




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