Baydon Parish Council Meeting of Monday 15th January 2018

News Report by Barbara Furber



Eleven villagers, four councillors and the clerk were present at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 15th January 2018.


Cllr Sarah Chidgey agreed to chair the meeting, there being no official chair person.


Mr Evans, owner of the land between Turf Run and Becketts on Aldbourne Road, was asked to give a presentation to explain his planning application. Mr Evans stated that the previous application, not by him, was for 2 dwellings, highly visible, and Highways had objected to the access. He had employed award winning consultants to produce plans for an environmental energy efficient and sustainable flint dwelling on the road side of the plot. It would appear like a single storey building from the road, but because of the sloping land it would actually be 2 storey. It would not, he added, impact the area, but would enhance it because of sensitive planting. He also plans to reinstate the dew pond. The access had been altered to Highways standards and there would be minimal light pollution.  In 2½ years Mr Evans said he has had support from villagers three of which were immediate neighbours and one who lives below the site. It is hoped, he added, that the Parish Council wold also support the venture. Cllr Chidgey thanked Mr Evans for his comprehensive presentation.


There was a break for Public Question Time.


Mr Moxon asked about the closure of Ermin Street planned for 29th January. Cllr Chidgey replied that although she had contacted Mr Hind of Highways she had no details except that all had been delayed,  probably until March. As soon as she heard anything definite news it would be posted on the notice board and on the website.  Closure was to enable work to be done on the Western Gateway as part of the Traffic Calming plan.


Minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed with only slight amendments.


The Police report said that there were no crimes reported in 2017, but in 2018 CD’s had been stolen from an unlocked car and there had been as issue with a dog.


It was agreed not to go ahead with the H bar markings (white lines) on the road near the shop as neighbours felt it was not necessary.


A letter received from Mr Gribble concerning a new Table Tennis table for the Table Tennis Club met with approval. It was agreed to fund the £500 required to purchase a new table.


It was noted that no one had applied for the post as a councillor. It was still hoped that more could be co-opted on.


An item requested by Mrs April Jukes about the effectiveness of the chicanes was raised. Mrs Jukes said that she had written to Highways and they had told her to contact the Parish Council. She said that she had collected car bits and pieces from the area around the chicanes. Cllr Chidgey said that she would ask Highways to do a risk assessment. Mrs Jukes persisted, saying it was dangerous and needed to be moved. Cllr James Lawrence asked Mrs Jukes to put her concerns in writing to the Parish Council to better inform them in their dealings with Highways. Mr Chadwick said that a new risk assessment concerning the turning left from Manor Lane to Ermin Street should be done. It was important, he added, now that the chicane was in place. The Council agreed to contact Highways.


The Playground inspection reported 1 high risk fault (Swing chain on the cable) and a couple of low risk faults. The clerk reported that one quote of £80 had been received and he was waiting for 2 others. It was agreed to take the lowest quote as soon as possible and proceed with work.





The following application had been approved with conditions; Rear single storey extension at 18 Newtons Walk; Construction of an outbuilding and extension to existing pool at Baydon House Farm; Replacement of sunroom, new front porch at Old Chapel House; Construction of a two storey extension and a single storey extension to rear of garage and a conservatory at Midway, Ermin Street.


All councillors agreed to support Mr Evan’s application for the erection of a dwelling on Land off of Aldbourne Road.





Income; Cricket fund interest £0.51; General reserve Interest £36.26


Bank statement: Barclays £24,810.55; General reserve £19,536.26;  Cricket fund £1,207.69: Petty cash £20.00; PC Total £45,574.50


Payments; BYPA Hall hire £44.00:; The Lie in (Carols on the green- Catering) £165.00; Idverde (Play area Inspection) £33.20;  HMRC £145.46;  P Bracey services £185.00; Clerk salary £236.43;  Mileage Claim £35.10


The clerk queried the bill for the Church path maintenance and it was agreed to ask for written verification from the PCC.


The budget was discussed and reviewed. £17,540.00 was the figure finally agreed.  There would also be £40.00 income from the Allotments.


The Quarterly Budget was also reviewed.


The 2018 / 2019 Precept request was approved. The clerk noted that it would save householders 10p!


It was noted that signs coming into the village from the eastern side had been broken and removed. The Parish will have to fund any replacements.


Mrs Moxon was thanked for helping with refreshments at the “Carols round the Tree” event. Mr Grove was thanked for his work on the lights. Thanks were extended to all those who helped put up the tree.


It was agreed that the clerk add “attachments are available on request” to the agenda.


The meeting closed at 8.59pm




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