In attendance: Councillors Kevin Howell (Chair), Amy Bryan, Sarah Chidgey, James Lawrence, Clerk Charlotte Booth and 9 residents.


Cllr Brian Billington and Cllr Tamsin Witt.


None declared.


To approve the minutes of the meeting held on:

27th February 2017 – Agreed as an accurate record.

20th March 2017 – Agreed as an accurate record.


Police Report for March 2017 was received on 3rd March and posted on the Baydon Website.


a)      The co-option of Sarah Hancock.

Proposed Cllr Bryan

Seconded Cllr Chidgey


The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed and witnessed.


b)      Election - the nominations received by the Clerk were taken to the office in Devizes today.



The Baydon Allotment Association were present and wanted to raise some points before item 9.4. They believed the rental costs were comparable to other councils. They also explained they paid the 50% of water usage bill although the Clerk was not aware of this arrangement and will meet with the BAA to discuss. The BAA offered to carry out the work on the trees which was discussed in the March meeting. A letter was given to the council asking for permission for a portion of Plot 5 to be used by Little Crickets.

It was suggested the mole traps should be placed on the allotment rather than the playground to prevent the playground being closed.

The Beating of the Bounds was raised and Cllrs Chidgey and Billington and the Clerk will be addressing this in the coming week. The issue of the stile by Pear Tree Cottage was raised. Cllr Lawrence will contact the Landowner.

The question was raised regarding possible legal action against the PC over the buildouts and who would pay; whether the cllrs’ would pay privately or from the precept.

There are two potholes in the middle of the chicanes. They have not been reported through the Highways App.


All correspondence was circulated to the councillors.

22nd February – Email from Julie Wyatt asking to see the correspondence from Mark Farrell regarding the Red Lion. This request was denied due to Data Protection.

8th March – Email from Tony Prior informing of the damage done to the grass verges on the junction of Ermin Close and Ermin Street. See item 9.8

18th March – Tom McGowran emailed a copy of his opinions about traffic issues in Manor Lane which he had expressed in the previous meeting.

21st March – Julie Wyatt copied the council chair into correspondence regarding concerns over actions of the Save the Red Lion Team. It needs to be made clear that this is not a Parish Council enterprise and all correspondence should be addressed to the Team.  The Parish Council are only party to the application of the pub as an Asset of Community Value.

23rd March – Mrs Norman, email received asking for details of our legal advice.

31st March – Letter from Wiltshire Council informing that the Red Lion has now been registered as an Asset of Community Value.

31st March – Cllr Howell received feedback from the owners of No. 4 Russley Green regarding some children who attempted to open their rear gate. Cllr Howell spoke to the children concerned and to the homeowners about the manner of addressing the children.


     Application:                                  17/01991/FUL

                     Location:                        High Farm House, Finches Lane

                       Proposal:                      Erection of a new contemporary enclosed timber clad rear porch

     Comments:                   Due 12th April – no comments were received.


9.1 Clerk’s Report 

a) On March 24th the Clerk attended the second training session of the CiLCA course. The Clerk has also been able to borrow a more up to date copy of Arnold Baker so purchasing a copy can be postponed for the foreseeable future. There are a few documents to be drafted and agreed in the next few meetings to ensure all paperwork is up to date. A new village logo will also be used on all documents.

b) For the Parish Assembly the school was busy so have booked the BYPA hall for Friday 12th May. 

c) Annual Leave – in 2016/2017 the Clerk was entitled to 4 7-hour days holiday (4 weeks equivalent) but has only taken two 7-hour days (two weeks equivalent) so requests to carry the two days over to 2017/2018. All councillors agreed to allow the 2 days to be carried over.

d) An email was received today from Pittams regarding the renewal of the grass contract. It was decided to get a quote including the repair of the verge near Ermin Close and if it is within the budget for 2017/2018 then we could go ahead with them. All councillors agreed. 

9.2 Church Request

An email was received on March 3rd from Margaret Hill at the Church to pay for the printing of 3000 raffle tickets for the Church and School Summer Fayre at a cost of £66. All Councillors agreed.

9.3 Parish Steward Scheme

The Parish Steward was in the village on March 27th although Cllr Bryan did not see them and had seen no evidence they were here. She has contacted them to point out that some things do not appear to be done. She is waiting for a response.

The bollards at the chicanes need cleaning and the road in the vicinity also needs clearing – this will be suggested for the visit on 27th April.  

9.4 Allotments

a) Charges - Other parish councils in Wiltshire charge between £16 and £46.50 per plot with a marked difference between plots with on-site water and those without, with one council turning the water off in the winter months. At present if all plots are taken at £20 per plot the gross income is £280. The onsite water costs approximately £70 p.a. We currently have three plots vacant.

Proposal: Cllr Lawrence proposed that as the BAA will pay for water used and agreed to maintain the trees then the rental charge could remain the same for the next financial year (2018-2019).

All councillors agreed.

b) Moles – The playground would need to be closed during any pest control unless the traps were laid on the allotment side.  The Clerk to contact Pestforce (£95 inc VAT) to get a run down on what is included in this quote and what happens if no moles are trapped.

Mr Jim Grove offered to provide a number of another Pest Control company who may quote competitively.

Proposal: Cllr Howell suggested that whichever company quoted £100 Inc VAT for the entire job or less should be contracted rather than wait for the next meeting.

All councillors agreed.

c) Following on from the letter received from PQT, all councillors agreed that Mrs Gribble can allow the Little Crickets to use part of her plot. The Clerk will provide written consent as per the agreement.

d) The BAA had proposed to carry out maintenance on the trees in the allotment. All councillors agreed.

9.5 Emergency Response Team

It was decided to go ahead with producing an Emergency Response Team document. The Clerk to circulate Aldbourne’s documents to the new councillors, and further discussion regarding who will lead this will be discussed in the next meeting.

9.6 Ermin Close/Ermin Road Verges

It was decided to use Pittams as the VAT could be reclaimed (£250 +VAT). The Clerk to contact Pittams and get a quote for the whole annual contract including the verge repair (see item 9.1(d)).

9.7 Hedgerows

Cllr Lawrence has drafted a letter which will be used as a template for future use. This will be sent out to Mr Lloyd.

9.8 Items for the Baydon Scene                                                                                                

It was agreed to send to the Baydon Scene Publication.

·         Parish Assembly reminder

10. FINANCE                                                                                                                      

10.1 Signatories for Bank Authorisation                                                         

Cllr Bryan has been set up as a third signatory and is waiting for the pin sentry and pin number. This should be arriving this week.

10.2 Income                                                                                                                                                                                      

Cricket Fund (interest)


Allotment rental



10.3 Bank statements                                                                                                             

Barclays Community


General reserve


Cricket Fund


Petty Cash


PC Total





                10.4 Payments approved between meetings                                                                                   

idVerde (Bin Manor Lane)


Idverde (March playground inspection)




11.1 Aggression towards the council

This will be postponed until the next meeting

11.2 Bin and bench near the telephone box

Cllr Bryan pointed out that the bin by the telephone box had not been emptied. The Clerk to chase WC.

Cllr Bryan also added that the metal bench is also looking very tired. This is will be discussed at the next meeting.

11.3. Save the Red Lion

Cllr Howell reminded everyone that there will be a meeting on 4th April at the school to discuss the progress of the Save the Red Lion campaign.

11.4 Cllr Howell

Cllr Howell has decided not to stand for election due to increased activity in his personal life meaning he is unable to commit to the council. Cllr Chidgey thanked him for all the help he has offered the council and village over the last five years as a Parish Councillor.


12.1 Planning

a)  Application:                                 15/03264/FUL

                      Location:                       Russley Road, Baydon

     Comments:                   Review of the temporary buildings

12.2 Village Plan

Report on funding availability and a breakdown of what needs to be included.

12.3 Speeding issues on Manor Lane


The meeting was closed at 20.55


Signed                                                                  Tamsin Witt (Chair)         Date 




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