Baydon Parish Council





Cllr Cockcroft gave his apologies as he was affected by tube strikes in London.  


None were declared.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2016 were approved as an accurate record.


A police report for December 2016 was received, circulated to the councillors and posted on the Baydon Website.


Cllr Witt nominated Brian Billington as councillor.

Seconded by Cllr Bryan and approved by Cllr Howell.

From the floor Sarah Chidgey and James Lawrence expressed their interest in becoming councillors following the previous advertisement.


The meeting was suspended to allow members of the public to speak to the Council. No decisions can be made by the Council during PQT. After this period the meeting was resumed. 

Barbara Furber asked for confirmation of the meeting dates for 2017, and was assured those agreed in the previous meeting were the finalised dates.

She also commented that the stile by Pear Tree Cottage needs repairing. James Lawton has repaired it already a couple of times and asked if the PIGS (Pathway Improvement Scheme) scheme was still in place. Mrs Furber suggested a different type of stile or kissing gate could be introduced. Cllr Witt will investigate.

Debbie Moxon commented that the village was not very wheelchair friendly and wondered if it would be possible to widen paths and make it more accessible. She also added that the Christmas Concert should be acknowledged as it was well organised and it was good to see the children participate.

Jim Grove informed the council that the footpath between Manor Lane/Ermin Close had been cleared by Bernie Gribble. Cllr Howell expressed his thanks.


All correspondence was circulated to the councillors.

12/12/2016 – Thames Water have transferred their business customers to Castle Water active from April 2017.

24/12/2016 – Map of the village boundaries and Public Rights of Way was received.

No action required.  


a)  Application:                                       16/11771/FUL

                      Location:                                           The Croft, Finches Lane, SN8 2JN

                      Proposal:                                           Two storey rear extension and loft conversion

      Deadline for Comments:                 11th January 2017.

      Comments:                                       No objections were raised and all councillors were in support.  


b)  Application:                                       APP/Y3940/W/16/3154958

     Location:                                            Baydon House, Aldbourne Road, SN8 2JB

     Query:                                                Appeal from Mr and Mrs Lloyd

Result:                                                Both appeals were dismissed by the Planning inspectorate. A copy of the decision letter is available from the Clerk.  


c)  Application:                                        E/2012/1575/FUL

                     Location:                                                            Next to the Red Lion Pub, Ermin Street

     Comments:                                        Cllr Cockcroft has been in contact with Wiltshire Planning again who are investigating. A new planning application may be required for the garage and gateway.


9.1 Clerk’s Report 

1) SSE have run out of Priority Services leaflets. When they get a new batch they will send us a box.

2) The Facebook page for the council has been set up under the name Baydon Clerk. This is not an official platform for council business and people are still encouraged to email the Clerk in the normal way.

3) The magnolia tree was planted and the gaps in the box hedges were filled in at the beginning of December on The Green.

4) The clerk registered for the Cilca training course which starts in February 2017. The registration was not clear so whilst the payment of the course (£220+VAT) has been agreed, registering for the exam is a further £250. The clerk will attend the course and then consider what to do about the qualification examination when the course has finished.

5) Councillor Training Schedule. Negotiating a Better Outcome in Planning - 13th February 2017 - £95 + VAT. If any councillor is interested in attending please let the Clerk know.

                9.2 Playground Maintenance

                Update of the maintenance requirements raised in the RoSPA Report.

a)       Seating – a projecting bolt thread needs cutting and filing down. Cllr Cockcroft filed down this protruding bolt.

b)       All chains - Remove chain covers to allow inspection beneath. Cllr Howell feels removing the covers would create a bigger risk than leaving them, and suggested monitoring them. All councillors agreed.

c)        Roundabout – the clearance under the roundabout and the floor surface is incorrect. Cllr Witt contacted Miracle who responded to say they didn’t believe removing the roundabout and resetting would affect the overall score of our safety report, stating it was a recommendation only. All councillors agreed to monitor the situation and act in the future if needed.

9.3 Pedestrians in Road Sign

This has been allocated to Martin Cook at Wiltshire Council who will order and install the new sign to the current post on Ermin Street by the Cricket Field. It will be placed further into the hedge to prevent it protruding into the road where it could possibly be knocked off again.

9.4 BYPA signs

This was raised as a Community Issue on the Wiltshire Council website (ref. 5080). Cllr Witt also spoke to Mark Stansby in charge of signage. The maximum cost would be £400 per sign.

The BYPA Committee have said they will pay £200 per sign and they want two signs. One on Aldbourne Road and one on Ermin Street.

Cllr Howell questioned where exactly these signs would go and whether there were posts already in place. This will be investigated.     


9.5 Emergency Response Team

An email was received from Aldbourne PC regarding their Emergency Response Team. The Clerk will contact them and ask for a template to see exactly what was included.

9.6 Review of the Village/Neighbourhood Plan

A discussion whether the Village/Neighbourhood Plan needs reviewing, updated or amended. This is in itself a long complex process, with three stages of consultation. There is no capacity at the moment to do this so this will be re-addressed in 6 months. Then it could be considered that the Clerk could be given extra hours in order to co-ordinate a new plan.

In the interim Cllr Witt suggested the top 10 priorities from the 2009 Village Plan were readdressed and the residents could re-order them in order of importance. This will be placed in the Baydon Scene as a tear-off page or centre pages so they could be rated and then torn off.

9.7  Dog Fouling Litter Bins                                                                                                                                    

Wiltshire Council no longer have the resources to provide or empty new bins so this would be a Parish Council run activity. The Clerk received quotes from companies recommended by Wiltshire Council:

·         Idverde (who also do the play area inspections) charge £2 to empty a litter bin and dispose of the waste (per empty and per bin). If more than 3 bins the cost drops to £1.75.

They can provide a post, bin, and install it for £193 +VAT

·         Glasdons –They don’t provide collection or installation of the bin but the bins + post cost between £98.10 and £113.52 + VAT

Debbie Moxon suggested a new bin could be placed by the church, and Barbara Furber suggested another by the layby at the Cricket Field. Cllrs Howell and Bryan agreed the layby could be a good place.  Cllr Billington suggested leaving any further new bins until the next financial year and all councillors agreed.

All councillors agreed to proceed with the Idverde quote and to contract them to empty three litter bins (the new one on Manor Lane, the playground and at the end of the Church Path by the school).  

9.8 Christmas Lights

Upon inspection when the Christmas tree was erected on The Green 5 Transformers and 3 sets of lights were no longer working and need to be disposed of.

In the absence of Cllr Cockcroft this item will be deferred to the next meeting. Cllr Cockcroft to get costs of replacements.

9.9 Parish Assembly

12th May 2017

9.10 Items for the Baydon Scene                                                                                          

To agree items for the January Baydon Scene Publication. The deadline is 19th January. Suggested items are:

1)       Advertisement for Councillor Vacancies (Clerk to draft)

2)       Priorities for village plan amendment (Cllr Witt to send copy to the Clerk)

3)       Dog fouling and the new bin (Clerk to draft)

4)       Thank you for the Christmas events (Clerk to draft)

5)       Dates for meetings (Clerk to draft)

10. FINANCE                                                                                                                      

10.1 Signatories for Bank Authorisation                                                               

Cllr Bryan has sent the forms off to Barclays so we are just waiting for authorisation.

10.2 Income                                                                                                                                                                           

Cricket Fund (interest)


General Reserve (Interest)



10.3 Bank statements                                                                                                             

Barclays Community


General reserve


Cricket Fund


Petty Cash


PC Total




                10.4 Payments approved between meetings                                                                                   

IDVERDE (Playground inspection)



Approved by all councillors.

10.5 Payments for approval    

Cilca (Clerk Training Course)

£264 (£220 + VAT)

BYPA Hall hire (Jan – Nov 2016)


Pittams (tree and box-hedges)


Clerk Expenses (Petty cash recon/stamps/phone)



Clerk received this invoice after the agenda was set.

IDVERDE (Playground inspection)



Approved by all councillors.

10.6 Moving money to the Reserve Account

According to the budget for 2017/18 the ring-fenced reserves total £19,500. The current reserve account has £3682.95.

£15817.05 needs to be transferred from the Community Account. Approved by all councillors.                                                                                                              


                11.1 CATG Meeting – the next meeting is in March

                11.2 Community Purchase of the Pub

Julie Wyatt from the Red Lion presented a short note to the council regarding setting up a Community Purchase Group for the pub which has been on the market, unsuccessfully for nearly 2 years. She needs a response before 20th February 2017. 

Cllr Howell will contact the Tally Ho in Hungerford to ask how they Community Purchased their pub.

An extraordinary meeting will need to be called to discuss the options and the week of the 20th January 2017 was suggested but not confirmed.

11.3 Notes of appreciation

a) Thanks to Brook Johnson for donating the beautiful Christmas tree which stood on The Green.

b) Thanks to Rob, Ali and the other volunteers who erected and took down the Christmas tree.

c) Thanks to Bernie Gribble for clearing the footpath between Manor Lane /Ermin Close. 

d) Cllr Howell would like to thank the supporters of Operation Vixen where approximately £3000 was raised. Debbie Moxon added that people really enjoyed the event.



12.1 Christmas Lights

Upon inspection when the Christmas tree was erected on The Green 5 Transformers and 3 sets of lights were no longer working and need to be disposed of.



Meeting was closed at 9pm.



Signed                                                       Chairman                  Date 




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