Draft Minutes


Monday 11 September 2017 - 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr Tamsin Witt
Cllr Sarah Chidgey
Cllr Sarah Hancock
Cllr James Lawrence

Cllr James Sheppard (Wiltshire Councillor)

Clerk     Oliver Armstrong

Public   10

1              APOLOGIES
Cllr Brian Billington
Cllr Amy Bryan 

No declarations of interest.


Members received a presentation from Jenny Bowley, a self-employed youth worker who had been working to bring a mobile youth club to Baydon. The scheme would incorporate four areas including Baydon and visits would be for 2 hours each month for 6 months, starting from January 2018.

The youth club would be open for secondary school children and would offer a range of activities across the six sessions. Funding had been earmarked by the Marlborough Area Board and the sessions would go ahead irrespective of numbers. At the end of this pilot, attendees will be asked for their feedback and depending on this, ongoing weekly, monthly, quarterly or summer youth group sessions may be set up.

Ms Bowley asked for the support of the Parish Council and the community to help advertise and volunteer for the pilot scheme where appropriate.

Members agreed to support the scheme’s advertising.

4              PUBIC QUESTIONS
Mrs Archer asked whether the decision regarding the Ermin Street build out near the Ermin close junction, would be revisited because she was concerned about the location and the potential impact on road safety. The Chair stated the Parish Council had already decided in a previous meeting to proceed with that buildout.

Mrs Dukes queried why Highways were willing to proceed with one buildout, whilst the installation of the western buildout is currently blocked, since Highways had previously said they would be unsupportive of proceeding with only half the scheme. The Chair explained that Wiltshire Council have confirmed that the scheme can go ahead with one buildout near the Ermin Close junction, along with a revised traffic calming scheme for the western end of Ermin St. (Item 10)


                Mrs Archer suggested Portuguese style traffic lights and a 20mph zone as an alternative to buildouts. Cllr Sheppard stated that Baydon Parish Council can only introduce traffic calming measures that are both available and legal in this country.  Both Cllr Sheppard and Cllr Lawrence reiterated that following the installation of build outs, other traffic calming measures can then be introduced, to further reduce traffic speed. The Chair advised that Wilshire Council were currently assessing the possibility of a 20mph zone, outside the school along Ermin Street.

              Cllr Sheppard summarised the current situation, by saying that Baydon Parish Council either go ahead with the proposed traffic calming scheme or do nothing at all, because there are no alternative schemes available.

                Mr Norman stated that potholes in two locations, which he had reported at the previous Parish Council meeting, had not yet been repaired. The Chair confirmed these had already been reported to Wiltshire Council, reference: 1421130.

Members RESOLVED to confirm and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 31st July 2017 as a correct record.

6              POLICE REPORT
Members NOTED the Police reports received on 07 August 2017 and 04 September 2017.

7              CORRESPONDENCE
Members considered the following correspondence.    

                07 August 2017 – E-mail from Mr Prior regarding planning application E/2012/1575FUL.

                Members AGREED to Mr Prior’s request for investigating the current status of the planning application. The Clerk will update Mr Prior directly and report back next meeting.   

8              CLERKS REPORT
The Clerk confirmed that the contract of employment for the Clerk and RFO of Baydon Parish Council had been signed at spinal column point 19 (SCP 15-22).

The Clerk reported the previous Clerk, Miss Booth, had received her P45 and final pay. She has completed a handover and passed over all relevant files and documents including the filing cabinet.

Pittams, the grounds maintenance contractor, will be contacted to establish the definitive responsibilities and to ensure that an effective service is being provided. The Clerk will provide an update at the next meeting.

The Clerk had reported the agenda layout had changed and if members of the public wanted specific information on any item listed they should contact the Clerk directly.       

The Chair reported that one councillor vacancy was available and that there were no applicants. Members agreed to re-advertise for the Councillor vacancy.  

Members considered the revised plan from Wiltshire Council for the road marking improvements and other associated works at the Baydon western gateway.

                Members RESOLVED to agree to this updated plan and request the inclusion of repairs to the existing flashing 30mph speed sign and flashing school sign on the western entrance to the village.  

Members NOTED the ‘watered down’ nature of this amended traffic calming scheme and queried whether it’s installation would still allow further traffic calming measures, such as bumps, platforms and crossings, to be installed along Ermin Street.

Cllrs also agreed to ask for the revised costs, but presumed that it would be less than the original plan, therefore allowing for the repair of the existing flashing signs. The Clerk will draft a response to Wiltshire Council. 

The Chair explained Mr Grove had submitted a letter asking the Parish Council to support the Firework event.

                Members RESOLVED to support the event with the purchase of the triple finale fireworks for £320.00 Ex VAT to be deducted from the Fireworks Contribution/Purchase budget (£475.00 available in budget).

                Members RESOLVED to provide insurance cover for the event subject to the satisfaction of the insurers. Clerk to notify the Insurance company of the event.


12           CHRISTMAS EVENT
Members AGREED the annual ‘Carols around the Tree’ Christmas event will take place on Friday 22nd December 2017.

The Chair stated the village Christmas tree might need to be sourced elsewhere as the previous donation came from residents who had recently left the village. The tree must be 20-30ft in height and needs to be installed during the second weekend in December prior to the event. Cllr Chidgey offered to approach the new owners of the property, to enquire about the possibility of supplying a Christmas tree.

13           LITTER PICK
Members AGREED to advertise the next community litter pick day which would take place 10.00am, Sunday 5th November 2017.

Members AGREED items to be publicised in the next edition of the Baydon Scene. The community litter pick and the Christmas event along with the Councillor vacancy, parish steward update, village plan questionnaire and an introduction to the new parish clerk. 

Members NOTED the following planning decisions


Baydon St Nicholas CE Aided Primary, Ermin Street, Baydon,       
Marlborough, SN8 2JJ   
Land Adjoining Russley Road, Baydon, Wiltshire, SN8 2JS

Baydon Cote, Aldbourne Road, Baydon, Wiltshire, SN8 2HZ

The original Baydon Parish Council comments were considered at the revised stage.

16           FINANCE REPORT 
Members RESOLVED to approve the finance report. A copy of which appears as appendix A in the minute book. Click here to see the agenda appendix

Members RESOLVED to approve the Clerk as an account secretary and to approve Cllr Billington as an account signatory. The Chair reported she would request the necessary forms in order to update the bank mandate.   

18           ITEMS TO NOTE
The Chair stated the Manor Lane 20mph would be discussed at the upcoming CATG meeting.

                Cllr Chidgey thanked Mr Grove and Mr Hale for organising the tree trimming on the corner of Aldbourne Road and Ermin Street.  



The meeting closed at 21:10.


Signed                                                                                   Cllr Tamsin Witt/Chair                      Date 



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