Draft Minutes


Monday 31 July 2017 - 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr Amy Bryan (Vice-Chair)
Cllr Brian Billington
Cllr Sarah Hancock
Cllr James Lawrence

Cllr James Sheppard (Wiltshire Councillor)

Clerk     Oliver Armstrong

Public   6


Cllr Tamsin Witt (Chairman)
Cllr Sarah Chidgey


No declarations of interest.


Members RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2017 were agreed and signed.


Members NOTED the Police report received on 7 July 2017. The Vice-Chair confirmed the Police Community Support Officer contact was Lucy Stonestreet. 


Mrs Jukes reported two overgrown footpaths, approaching Baydon House Farm and from Barleymead to Manor Lane. The resident also reported a drain in Aldbourne Road was overflowing. This had already been reported but Cllr Billington would raise a further enquiry.

Thanks were extended to a resident willing to re-locate the salt box which had been knocked by cars in recent months.

Mrs Norman reported two potholes along Ermin Street, near to the industrial units. Cllr Billington stated he would report this issue. A request was also made for a copy of the correspondence from item 8.5. Cllr Sheppard stated he would contact the resident directly in regard to the request.

Mr Virgo queried the format of the Parish Council meetings and stated the public did not get an opportunity to express their views after the public question time had concluded. Cllr Sheppard suggested introducing a matters arising section for further public questions and comments.


Members NOTED the received correspondence.

July 7 – Email from Wiltshire Council regarding funding available from Science Museum Group Wroughton Solar Park

July 7 – Email from Wiltshire police regarding Police and Crime Commissioners Community Action fund

July 7 – Email from a resident about the tree on private property on the corner of Ermin Street and Aldbourne Road




1)            APPLICATION:   17/06160/FUL

                ADDRESS:            St Nicholas CE School

                SUMMARY: Classroom extension and alterations

DECISION: No Objection.


8.1 Clerk’s Report 

a) Please can residents make a note of the clerk’s email address which was put in place more than a year ago baydonparishclerk@gmail.com – any emails being sent to the old address are in danger of being lost as the account is not monitored.

b) Lydia Hogan and her father Lee who borrowed the equipment for litter picking towards Lydia’s duke of Edinburgh award, have not provided any feedback of her progress. The clerk emailed her father on June 25 but no response has been received.

Cllr Lawrence reported he talked to the father and explained that the equipment needed to be returned when Lydia’s form needed signing.

c) Pestforce still haven’t responded regarding a quote for gassing the moles in the autumn – he also has not invoiced for the work done.

d) The clerk emailed Castle Water (our water supplier) to report the hydrant on the corner of Ermin Street and Ermin Close – they replied it needs to be reported to highways. Cllr Billington reported it through the Highways App who initially said contact the Parish Council and then agreed to forward it to Thames Water.

Wilshire Council had since taken this enquiry on.

e) The clerk emailed Lucy Stonestreet to request a police speed watch in the village.

There was no further update on speed watch but the Vice-Chair will ask the Lucy Stonestreet to the next meeting.  

8.2 Clerk Role

The Vice-Chair stated a formal offer had been made to Mr Armstrong for the position of Clerk and RFO. Mr Armstrong has accepted but he required an extension on signing the contact in order to fully review it. 

8.3 Parish Steward Scheme

The Vice-Chair reported there was no further update on Parish Steward Scheme and the item will be deferred to the next meeting.

8.4 Tree on Corner of Ermin Street/Aldbourne Road

Concerns were raised by a resident about an overgrown tree on the corner of Ermin Street and Aldbourne Road.

Members RESOLVED that Cllr Lawrence would contact the resident regarding the overgrown tree. 

8.5 Highways Update

Members NOTED an email from Wiltshire Council regarding the proposed western buildouts. Cllr Lawrence stated that following a legal challenge from a resident Wiltshire Council were unwilling to proceed with the build out. The Council did confirm the buildout adjacent to Ermin Close would go ahead and that alternative options for the western entrance would be explored.   

8.6 Playground/Allotments Update

Members NOTED the playground report dated May 2017. Members RESOLVED to get quotes for any necessary repairs.

The Vice-Chair stated a tap at the allotment site was reported to be leaking. Following further investigation the issue was found to be a leaking pipe and no further action was necessary. 

8.7 Village Plan

The Vice-Chair explained that the Village Plan grant must be received before 31 January 2018, and must be used within 6 months or before 31 March 2018 (whichever is soonest). Cllr Hancock advised no further progress had been made.

8.8 Reducing Speed on Manor Lane

Members RESOLVED to defer the item to the CATG meeting.

8.9 BYPA Hall Signage

The Vice-Chair reported that the BYPA Committee received a quote for £510.31 to install four new signs and two posts for the BYPA Hall. The BYPA Committee have committed to pay half the amount and have requested a further grant of £255.15 from Baydon Parish Council.  

                Members RESOLVED to accept the request and grant £255.15 to BYPA from the grants budget.

                8.10 WW1 Commemorative Trees

Members discussed the option of planting commemorative trees in the village, either on the on the village green or in the Church yard. Cllr Bryan suggested the church yard as a possible location and would approach the church warden for more information.

8.11 Items for the Baydon Scene

                No items were available to be agreed for the September Baydon Scene Publication.                                      

9. FINANCE                                                                                                                      

9.1 Annual Return

The Vice-Chair reported that the period of exercise rights was ending on 4th August 2017, the public are welcome to view council accounts but needed to contact the Parish Clerk to make an appointment to view them.  

9.2 Income                                                                                                                                                                                         

Cricket Fund (interest)



9.3 Bank statements                                                                                                             

Barclays Community


General reserve


Cricket Fund


Petty Cash


PC Total




                9.4 Payments approved between meetings                                                                                   


9.5 Payments to approve

BYPA Hall Hire (May and June)


C.Booth final salary (25-28 July A/L in lieu)



Members RESOLVED to approve all payments listed above.


10.1 – Cllr Lawrence stated the Primary School has created a small working group with a view to develop a nursery.




The meeting closed at 21:09


Signed                                                                                        Amy Bryan/Vice-Chair           Date 



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