Monday 09 April 2018 - 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr Sarah Chidgey (Acting Chair)
Cllr Brian Billington          
Cllr James Lawrence

                                Cllr James Sheppard (Wiltshire Councillor)

Clerk                     Oliver Armstrong

Public                   22

Due to a resignation Cllr Chidgey was elected as the acting Chair for the meeting.

1              APOLOGIES
Cllr S Hancock.

No declarations of interest.

3              PUBLIC QUESTIONS
Cllr Chidgey reminded the Council and members of the public that all discussions during public question time must be conducted in a calm and polite manner at all times. If Councillors agree that any member/members of the public are behaving in an unacceptable manner, then the meeting will be suspended and the offending member or members will be asked to leave.

Mr Grove said the ditches on Sheppards Lane and drains in Aldbourne Road and Ermin Street had become blocked and needed clearing. Cllr Chidgey advised Mr Groves that this would be a job for the parish steward but unfortunately due to the recent poor weather this service was temporarily restricted and explained that the status of the scheme would be explained during the meeting. 

Action: Clerk to add the cleansing jobs to the parish steward priority list. 

Secondly, Mr Grove raised objection to Mrs Archers complaint to the Council and stated that the letter implied that all residents in the village were in opposition to the traffic calming scheme in Baydon. Mr Groves said that his views were not personally sought and he believed that the majority of residents were supportive of the traffic calming scheme and overall aim to reduce speed in the village. Mr Grove thanked the Parish Council for all the hard work which had been conducted in relation to traffic calming in and concluded by stating if residents are opposed to the decisions of the Parish Council then they should become a Councillor or refrain from expressing their thoughts.

Mr Howell agreed with Mr Grove and offered his sincere thanks to Councillors for all they were doing. Cllr Chidgey said that Mrs Tamsin Witt was responsible for the majority of the traffic calming efforts in the village.  Mr Howell also reported that the yellow zig zag lines outside the school needed repainting. Cllr Chidgey said this would be discussed later. Mr Howell assed that the SID needs to be adjusted as it is flagging up at speeds in excess of 25mph not in excess of 30mph. 

Action: Cllr Billington to investigate the SID issue.

Mrs Jukes questioned the wording for the new signage installed for the village hall. Cllr Chidgey explained this would be explained during the meeting. 

Mrs Dawson asked three questions on behalf of an anonymous resident who was unable to attend the meeting. The first question queried when the plans for the Western gateway were approved to which Cllr Chidgey said she could not remember the precise date but believed it was in September 2017. Mrs Dawson also enquired how much the scheme had cost the village. Cllr Chidgey explained that the £6,000 contribution was agreed for the entire project. Finally, Mrs Dawson asked whether the works had been completed to which Cllr Chidgey stated they were not yet complete. 

Mr Virco asked the Council about the community police presence in the village following the recent incidents in the village. It was suggested that the Community Support Officer was invited to a meeting to help address some of the residents concerns.

Action: Clerk to invite Community Support Officer to the Annual Parish Assembly.

Mrs Harper informed the Council that large lorries are mounting the pavement outside of Five Ways. She suggested the implementation of bollards to reduce the risk to pedestrians and damage to the pavement and grass verge.   

Action: Clerk to contact Andrew Jack about potentially installing bollards on Ermin Street by the entrance to Fiveways.       

Members RESOLVED to confirm and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 19th February 2018 as a correct record.

5              POLICE REPORT
Cllr Chidgey reported two incidents in the village in February and March.

12 February 2018 – Burglary at the Red Lion Pub
21 February 2018 – Tool theft from a vehicle in Russley Green

6              CORRESPONDENCE
Members NOTED the following correspondence.                            

26 February 2018 –
Email from Mrs Archer
04 March 2018 –
E-mail from Mr & Mrs Jukes
10 March 2018 – E-mail from Mrs Chadwick
10 March 2018 E-mail from Mrs Jackson
11 March 2018 – E-mail from anonymous resident
11 March 2018 – E-mail from Mrs Stather
12 March 2018 – E-mail from Mrs Cooling
15 March 2018
– E-mail from Mr Flett
19 March 2018 – E-mail from Mrs Mapstone
20 March 2018 – E-mail from Mrs Warner
23 March 2018 – Email from Mrs Witt

The meeting was suspended at 8.15pm due to improper conduct from a member of the public.

The meeting was abandoned due to the continued disruptive conduct from a member of the public.

The meeting re-commenced at 8.25pm when the disruptive member of the public left the meeting.

7              LETTER OF COMPLAINT
Members NOTED the letters of complaint received from Mrs Archer on 6th March 2018 and 22nd March 2018. Copies of which appear as appendix A in the minute book.  Click here and click here

8              CLERKS REPORT
Members NOTED a verbal report from the Clerk. He stated the allotment invoices had been sent and that the Council were receiving rent for the upcoming year. The parish stewards were recently diverted for highways work following the recent bad weather and were not expected to restart until 16th April 2018. The Clerk reported that tree work on Paynes Lane had already been completed before he could send a letter. The bank mandate had also been updated to include Cllr Lawrence who now had access to the bank account and authorisation of payments.

Members RESOLVED to approve the quote of £195.00 (Ex VAT) from Idverde for the refurbishment of the bench on the junction with Downsmead and Aldbourne Road. Cost to be met from general reserves.

Member RESOLVED to approve the 2018/19 playground contract from Idverde for the bin collection and playground inspections. Click here

11           SCHOOL PARKING
Members NOTED a verbal update from Cllr Chidgey regarding the school parking issue. Cllr Chidgey, Cllr Hancock and the head of Baydon School, Mrs Knighton held a meeting on 28th February 2018 to discuss the Taking Action on School Journeys (TAOSJ) and the results from the feasibility study.

                The recommendations included installation of a part-time advisory 20mph speed limit restriction on Ermin Street, refreshing the keep clear markings and advisory protection bar markings on Ermin Street and Aldbourne Road to help prevent dangerous parking, installation of bollards at the school side entrance to deter parking so close to the crossing point to access the Paddock. The final recommendation was to introduce an informal one way system along Finches Lane at the start and end of the school day. This would have to be a community-led effort with co-operation of the school, parents and residents. 

                Cllr Chidgey stated none of these recommendations provided a solution for the parking issue and there was still a need for the school to continue to communicate with parents to ensure considerate parking in the village.  

Member RESOLVED to approve the expenditure of up to £70.00 for the printing and delivery for the village fete raffle tickets. Cost to be met from donations budget (£200.00 remaining).

Members NOTED the verbal update from Cllr Chidgey regarding the WW1 commemorative tree scheme. The Baydon Allotment Association had kindly agreed that they would maintain any commemorative trees planted in the play area.

Cllr Chidgey suggested planting 9 fruit trees in an arc in the playground in honour of the memory of the 9 soldiers from Baydon who died during WW1.

Members agreed to the plan in principal but the Clerk would have to speak to the scheme organisers for more information. 

                Action: Clerk and Cllr Chidgey to contact Wiltshire Council for more information on the scheme.

Members NOTED the following planning applications:

Baydon Cote, Aldbourne Road, Baydon, Wiltshire, SN8 2HZ
Proposal:             Variation of Condition 2 of planning application 17/04260/FUL (demolition of existing bungalow and erection of 1 No. 4 bedroom dwelling house and associated works). 

Decision:             Approved with Conditions

Turf Run, Aldbourne Road, Baydon, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 2HZ
Proposal:             Creation of a new vehicular access and installation of an electric gate. The full explanation can be found in the attached Design & Access Statement.  

Decision:             Approved with Conditions

Members RESOVLED the following planning application decisions:

21 Downsmead, Baydon, SN8 2LQ
Proposal:             Removal of existing conservatory, proposed new single storey rear extension, extension to garage and associated internal alterations.

Decision:             No objection.

26 Downsmead, Baydon, SN8 2LQ
Proposal:             Demolition of existing garage to accommodate two storey extension and construction of replacement garage.

Decision:             No objection.

Land off Aldbourne Road (Between Becketts and Turf Run), Baydon, Wiltshire
Proposal:             The erection of a residential dwelling.

Decision:             Baydon Parish Council support this application and welcome the proposed development to the village. Members agree with the comments of support from local residents.

                                                It was agreed that positive comments from the Parish Council supporting
                                                the application would be submitted to Wiltshire Country Council.

Stavron Manor, Manor Lane, Baydon, SN8 2JD
Proposal:             Removal of large rear conservatories and construction of new flat roof extension.

Decision:             No objection.

15           FINANCE REPORT
Members RESOLVED to approve the finance report. A copy of which appears as appendix B in the minute. Click here

Members NOTED the fourth quarter budget. A copy of which appears as appendix C in the minute book.               

                The Clerk stated that there were surplus funds and the Council needed to decide how to allocate for future expenditure.

                Cllr Lawrence suggested involving the community in how the funds could be allocated.

17           ITEMS TO NOTE
Cllr Chidgey advised members that an email received from Mrs Archer on 20th March 2018 should have been listed on the correspondence and will be officially noted during the next meeting.

Mr Butcher had submitted a letter of support for the traffic calming scheme but missed the deadline for the agenda submission, this would again be officially noted at the next meeting.

Cllr Chidgey reported that the Parish Council had received two letters from the school governors in relation to sharing the tree felling costs in the Paddock and the response to commemorative trees in the Paddock. The letters will be discussed at the next meeting and a formal response will be submitted.

                An e-mail was received from Mrs Warner about a tree hazard on the corner of Manor Lane and asked whether the Parish Council could approach the property owner to request removal. Cllr Chidgey reported that the tree had been removed.   

                The village hall signs had been installed with the wording ‘Village Hall’ as opposed to ‘BYPA Hall’. This decision was agreed by the BYPA committee.

Cllr Chidgey explained that the Council provided incorrect information at the last meeting stating that no decision had been agreed on moving the 30mph signs on Aldbourne Road.  The moving of 30mph had already been agreed by the Parish Council and this project was now with CATG, this is however considered a low priority.  

                The Parish Assembly would be held at 8.00pm on Friday 11th May 2018.

Action: Clerk to email groups asking for reports.


The meeting closed at 20:50


Signed                                                                                   Cllr Sarah Chidgey/Acting-Chair                      Date 



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