Draft Minutes


Monday 19 February 2018 - 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr Sarah Chidgey (Acting Chair)
 Cllr Brian Billington          
 Cllr Sarah Hancock
 Cllr James Lawrence

Clerk     Oliver Armstrong

Public   9

Due to a resignation Cllr Chidgey was elected as the acting Chair for the meeting.

Cllr Chidgey stated the Council had obtained advice and will continue to elect an acting Chairman for each meeting the foreseeable future until a Chairman can be elected. 

Cllr Chidgey reported a late planning application was submitted to the parish council and needed to be responded to prior to the next Parish Council meeting. Planning application 18/01322/OUT would be included under item 10.  

1              APOLOGIES

No declarations of interest.

3              PUBLIC QUESTIONS
Mrs Moxon sent her apologies.

Mrs Jukes stated that there was a pothole at the top of Manor Lane and requested the Parish Council to report the issue to Wiltshire Council. Mrs Archer also reported a pothole in the chicane along Ermin Street and Mrs Dobson reported a further pothole along Ermin Street by Turf Run.

                Cllr Billington offered to report all three potholes to Wiltshire Council.

                Mrs Dobson questioned why the Parish Council would spend money to move the 30mph sings on Aldbourne Road. Cllr Chidgey referred to a recent accident involving a local resident on the road and explained that costs had been obtained to move the sign to a more appropriate location south of the existing signs. Mrs Dobson stated she would not be in favour of the proposal to move the signs due to the cost involved.

                With regard to general speeding in the village, Mrs Dobson said that problems were caused by traffic coming through the chicanes too fast.   

                Mr McGowan asked for further information in relation to the diversion route and upcoming road works on Ermin Street. Cllr Chidgey advised members of the public that the Parish Council is awaiting a letter from Traffic and Network Management at Wiltshire Council outlining the details of the road closure. This letter would be published on the noticeboard and website once received.  

                Mr McGowan expressed his concern over the 20-mile diversion route and the potential for Manor Lane to be used as an informal diversion by non-residents. He asked what measures could be put in place and Cllr Chidgey said that she would ask Mr Hind (Traffic and Network Management, Wiltshire Council) whether a ‘residents only’ sign could be installed, at each end if Manor Lane, for the duration of the works.

                Mrs Dobson asked whether the chicanes and signs in the village could be cleaned and cleared. Councillors agreed that sign cleaning is on the parish stewards list of priority jobs but that they would highlight the issue to the parish steward. 

Action: Clerk to contact parish steward.

                Mrs Cooling and Mrs Farrant raised concerns regarding the parking in the village especially at school drop-off and pick-up times and asked whether any parking solutions or restrictions would be implemented. Cllr Chidgey stated the Council could not do anything about the current parking situation but would refer back to the Taking Action on School Journeys (TASOJ) report and discuss with the headteacher of the school to see what actions if any, have been included.

                Action: Cllr Chidgey and Cllr Hancock to review the TAOSJ report and contact the headteacher of the school.                        

                Mrs Furber reported a fallen tree in Paynes Lane. Cllr Chidgey advised that the land owners Mr and Mrs McKenzie Smith would be contacted in relation to this.

                Action: Clerk to contact land owners.

                Residents also reported a bench in need of painting at the end of Downsmead.

                Action: Clerk to investigate.

Members RESOLVED to confirm and adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2018 as a correct record.

5              POLICE REPORT
Members NOTED the Police report for February 2018. Cllr Chidgey reported that there was one incident in Baydon on 02 January 2018, an unknown suspect broke a padlock and entered a barn in an undisclosed location. A copy of the report appears as appendix A in the minute book.

6              CORRESPONDENCE
Members NOTED the following correspondence.                            

14 December 2017 -
Cllr Chidgey stated that all councillors had been made aware of the content of hand delivered e-mail correspondence from Mrs Archer as soon as this was received by her.
24 January 2018 – Letter from Mrs Archer. Cllr Chidgey confirmed that a response had been sent from the Clerk via e-mail.

7              CLERKS REPORT
The Clerk provided a verbal report. He stated the allotment invoices would be issued at the beginning of March 2018 for the next season.

                The bank mandate document form had to be re-submitted.

Action: Cllr Hancock offered to obtain the necessary signatures and send the form directly to the bank once completed.

Wiltshire Council had confirmed receipt of the precept request form.

The Clerk provided itemised costs received from Wiltshire Council for the moving of the Aldbourne Road 30mph signs. The relocation of the signs was originally estimated to cost £5,000 but this had since been reduced to £3,000 due to road surfacing alterations being omitted.

                Traffic order and advert process to change the speed limit location            £1500   
                Traffic management                                                                                                      £400
                Take up signs and posts                                                                                                £250
                Install new signs and posts                                                                                         £850

9              PLAYGROUND UPDATE
Members RESOLVED to retrospectively approve the expenditure to ARD Playgrounds for £145.50 from the playground maintenance budget (£150 remaining). The cost was for the repair of the links and an internal assessment of the mechanism on the zip line. The chain links have been replaced but two further non-urgent issues were raised by the contractor and ARD Playgrounds has quoted a further £335.00 for the replacement of the entire mechanism.

The Clerk suggested to monitor the situation with the mechanism on the zip line and to create a priority list of medium to low risk work required for all the play equipment before agreeing the next expenditure. 

Action: Cllr Billington would produce laminated signs for the play equipment to remind residents the equipment is only to be used by children.

Members RESOLVED to approve the following planning comments.

Address:              Turf Run Aldbourne Road, Baydon, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 2HZ
Proposal:             Creation of a new vehicular access and installation of an electric gate.

Comments:        No objection.

Address:              The Croft, Finches Lane, Baydon, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 2JN
Proposal:             Outline application with all matters reserved for residential development for
                             up to 4no. dwellings

Comments:        Objection for the following reasons:

Inappropriate access for the development. The track is too narrow and not suitable for the access to the proposed development, especially considering its current use for access to the playground and allotments.

The development is outside the permitted build area.  

11           FINANCE REPORT
Members RESOLVED to approve the finance report. A copy of which appears as appendix B in the minute book. 

Cllr Chidgey reminded residents that the funding for the table tennis table would be paid from the grants budget and would not be awarded from the Cricket Fund.    

Standing orders were suspended at 20:30

                Cllr Chidgey invited Mrs Furber to provide an update from the school governors meeting in respect of the planting of WW1 commemorative trees in the paddock area. Mrs Furber stated the governors like the idea but were unable to commit to any ongoing maintenance cost associated with the trees.

Standing orders were reinstated at 20:31  

The Clerk stated the application for 10 trees had been submitted to Wiltshire Council. The trees have been designated for planting at the paddock and the playing field.   

Members RESOLVED to adjourn the decision to proceed with the tree planting application until more information from Wiltshire Council could be obtained.

Action: Clerk to talk to Wiltshire Council for more information in relation to the WW1 commemorative trees and to see whether small species such as fruit trees could be planted.

13           ITEMS TO NOTE
The Parish Council had recently forwarded an issue raised by the school regarding a damaged tree in the paddock to Wiltshire Council who confirmed it is on their land. The school has been made aware that the issue will be dealt with by Wiltshire Council.

Cllr Chidgey noted an e-mail received from Mrs Gribble stating that trees in the allotments had been damaged in the recent poor weather and that the allotment association had offered to undertake the maintenance work under the guidance of Mr Watson, a local tree surgeon. A response would be sent to Mrs Gribble accepting this arrangement. 

Cllr Chidgey reported that Mrs Jukes’ e-mail to the Clerk received on 11th February 2018 had been forwarded to Mr Hind and Mr Thomas at Network and Traffic Management at Wiltshire Council.

                During the council meeting on 15th January 2018 it was discussed by residents whether a risk assessment had been completed in relation to the chicane on Ermin Street. A Road Safety Audit was conducted by Atkins in September 2014 and no issues were raised.

As a result of unacceptable behaviour by a member of the public Cllr Lawrence proposed the meeting be suspended at 8:35

The meeting resumed at 8:36

Cllrs reported that the SID is now working following the battery replacement.

Cllr Chidgey reported that the Mobile Youth Club opened on Thursday 15th February 2018 in the BYPA Hall. No one attended but the council would publicise the new flyers to encourage members.

Cllr Chidgey reminded members of the public that the council still needed additional councillors. 

The Clerk stated that the consultation on the West Berkshire Local Plan Review to 2036 Scoping Report was available online at http://consult.westberks.gov.uk/portal and can be accessed until 5pm on Monday 26th March 2018.


The meeting closed at 20:50


Signed                                                                                   Cllr Sarah Chidgey/Acting-Chair                      Date 




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