Baydon Parish Council Meeting – 14th May 2018

News report by Barbara Furber



Baydon Parish Council meeting was held at the BYPA Hall on Monday 14th May at 8pm. 7 members of the public were in attendance, as was the clerk and 4 Parish Councillors.


Cllr Sarah Chidgey was duly elected as acting chair.


In Public Question Time Mr Alan Brown asked if the clerk could confirm if all allotment payments had been received.  The clerk confirmed this and agreed to produce receipts and a list of those who had paid, to the Allotment Association.


Alan Brown also asked if questions from the floor could be minuted and given a reference number. The chair replied that questions were listed in the minutes but she was not prepared to give them a reference number. She ensured they were covered.


April Jukes passed a copy of standing orders to the chair and emphasised that PQT could be extended if necessary from 15 minutes. Yes, replied Cllr Chidgey, but at the chairs discretion.


Cllr James Lawrence pointed out that the meeting was not a public meeting.


This caused a bit of an argument between members of the public. Cllr Chidgey said she was not prepared to discuss April Jukes letter of complaint, filed against the Parish Council at Wiltshire Council. This also caused an argument. The PQT was closed and Mrs Jukes left.


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed.


Standing orders were approved as was the Scheme of Delegation and Parish Policy Documents.


There were no incidents involving the police, in Baydon it was noted.


Correspondence was noted and it was agreed in future to briefly outline the content of each letter / email.


Mrs Witt wrote concerning Traffic Calming measures, Mr Butcher’s letter mentioned the success of the measures.

Mrs Gillatt was concerned about speeding in Manor Lane.

Mr Prior wrote a query about the minutes which the clerk is dealing with.

Mrs Jukes sent a copy of her letter of complaint to Wiltshire Council and an email requesting a copy of Code of Conduct.

The clerk gave a verbal report in which he said he resigned on 10th May 2018 and will work 8 weeks notice.

He had renewed the councils insurance, and received monies from all the Allotment holders.

GDPR was discussed. The clerk said he had updated the Data Protection Policy which needs to be reviewed annually. It was agreed that permission needed to be sought if details of letters / emails are to be disclosed. The clerk is to contact Mark Austen (Baydon Website) to see if something can be added to the website to cover this.


Until Highways have had an independent post construction safety audit on the Traffic Calming measures, nothing else will be done.  Next will be the moving of 30mph signs on Aldbourne Road has been approved by CATG. A free metrocount will also be put in Manor Lane.


It was agreed to pay 50% of the cost of felling tree in the paddock.


The clerk reported that the cable wire in the Play area had been repaired. He suggested that the low risk jobs also be done.  He is to seek 2 more quotes for the Multiplay and the Carousel, one being £850, but also to look at the warranties.


The council are waiting to see if fruit trees can be provided for the WW1 commemorative trees to be placed in the Parish Field.


The clerk asked that his wage be increased and it was agreed to pay £10.10 per hour.


The following planning had been approved with conditions by Wiltshire Council. 21 Downsmead;  26 Downsmead and Starvon Manor. Land off Aldbourne Road, a residential dwelling was refused as was residential development of up to 6 dwellings at the Croft, Willow Track.


A letter from Julie at the Red Lion was read out again “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.


The clerk has contacted Highways concerning lorries mounting the pavement opposite the shop.


It was agreed that the Gazebo be used at the Fete.


It was noted that the Brownie pack now need new leaders if it is to continue.


Cllr Chidgey said that Cllr Sarah Hancock had now also resigned bringing the council down to 3 without a clerk. The situation is very desperate, she added.





Allotment income £240.00; Cricket fund interest £0.27; Precept payment £8,750.00


Bank statements;

Barclays Community £30,951.46; General reserve £19,536.26; Cricket Fund £1,208.44;

Petty Cash £20.00          Grand total £51,716.16


Payments for approval;

Wiltshire Council – Hall signs £212.64;  Parish Council Insurance £527.02.


Standing Orders – Clerk salary £244.43


The meeting closed at 8.55pm   




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