Baydon Parish Council Meeting 19th February 2018

News Report by Barbara Furber




Mrs Sarah Chidgey was elected as chair at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 19th February 2018.  She reported that it was allowed but not recommended that a chair be elected at each meeting.


10 villagers were also present. There were no apologies and no declaration of interest.


In Public Question Time Mrs April Jukes reported a pot hole on Aldbourne Road.


Mrs Alison Dobson asked why money was being spent on moving the 30mph signs in Aldbourne Road. In her opinion it was a waste of money. She also felt that the chicanes had caused more trouble than they were worth, in the village. She said that she had seen drivers coming to blows at the chicane.  Cllr Chidgey replied that one could never make allowances for driver error.


Mr Tom McGowran said that the map produced by Highways concerning the closure of Ermin Street show a round trip of 20 miles.  Cllr Chidgey assured him that she was in contact with Highways to clarify what exactly will happen. She was pretty sure, she said that it would not be closed for the whole length all at once, and it would only be from 9.30pm to 3.30am. However, she added, she had no real influence over Highways. Mr McGowran asked for signs saying “Residents only” and the chair agreed she would ask Mr Hind of Highways.


Mrs Dodson asked if the road signs could be cleaned. It was agreed to raise the matter with the Parish Steward.


Mrs Jo Cooling complained about the amount of poor parking by parents at school times, particularly at Ermin Close.  Cllr Chidgey replied that she understood the problem. There was nothing the Council could do, but talk to the school again. She and the clerk agreed to find out what procedures have been put into place during the school’s recent “Journey to school” plan.


The Police Report contained a small reference to Baydon when farm land had been entered, locks broken but nothing taken.


It was noted that a letter from Mrs Archer was left off of the agenda at the last meeting. Cllrs were aware of this and responded to Mrs Archer.


The Clerk, Oliver Armstrong, reported that the Precept had been sent.


To move the Aldbourne Road signage would cost £3,000, but that was still under discussion. No decision had yet been made. The clerk gave a brief breakdown of costs.


The bill for repairs to the Zip Wire in the play area of £145.50 was approved. £335.00 was suggested for additional work which was decided not high risk, but needed to be done eventually. It was decided to review the situation in the new financial year.  It was agreed to put up extra signs to remind parents that the Zip Wire was for children only, as the extra weight of adults may be causing the problems. Cllr Brian Billington agreed to make the signs.





The application for the creation of new vehicular access and the installation of an electric gate at Turf Run, Aldbourne Road was returned with no comments.


The application for outline planning at The Croft, Willow Track consisted of 2 dwellings on the upper paddock on Finches Lane, and 2 dwellings on the lower paddock opposite the Play area.


The Cllrs agreed to object to the planning because of safety issues and issues about the ownership of Willow Track.






Income; Cricket Fund interest £0.25.


Bank Statements; Barclays Community £23911.25; General reserve £19,536.26.  Cricket fund £1,207.94; Petty cash £20.00: Grand total £44,675.45.


Payments approved: Idverde (Play area) £33.20; P&J Bracey (Church paths) £185.00. Topspin Sports (Table Tennis table) £549.99, not taken from the Cricket fund


Clerk salary (January) £236.43.




The WW1 Commemorative trees were discussed.  It was reported that the school Governors whilst approving the idea of extra trees in the paddock, felt concerned about the cost of maintenance. Would the Parish Council be responsible for the maintenance?

It was reported that the Parish Council had approached Wiltshire Council about a tree in the Paddock that had been damaged in the storm.  A letter had been received from Mrs Jenny Gribble stating that some trees in the Play area had been damaged in the storm and that the Allotment Association had volunteered to do the maintenance work.  Cllr James Lawrence asked the clerk what kind of commemorative trees were to be provided. The clerk was to make enquiries. No decision was made.


Cllr Chidgey reported that she had contacted Highways as requested about the Safety Audit on the Chicane. The audit was completed in Sept 2014 and no issues were identified.  At this Mrs Jukes became very heated and continually shouted over the chairs’ comments. This continued over several minutes until Cllr Lawrence requested a suspension of the meeting.


When the room was brought to order the meeting continued.


It was noted that no one had attended the mobile Youth Club last week.


As the meeting closed Cllr Chidgey said that if people feel so strongly about issues brought up at the Parish Council meetings, please would they join the council.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.





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