Monday 2 July 2018 – 8.00PM IN THE BYPA HALL, MANOR LANE


Present                Cllr. Sarah Chidgey (Acting Chair)
Cllr. Brian Billington, Cllr. James Lawrence

Acting Clerk       Mrs K Clay


In attendance    7 members of public

1              APOLOGIES


3              PUBLIC QUESTIONS
Mrs Dawson – Raised the issue of parents parking by the build out on Ermin Street.  Cllr. Chidgey confirmed that the Council had already received an email from Mrs Archer on the same subject. Mrs Dawson also described how a motorbike had been seen using the cycle section of the build out to avoid having to wait for cars.

                Cllr. Chidgey urged anyone who sees someone who is clearly visiting the school parking too close to the build out to contact the school, and to send any photographs they have.  Members of the public should also consider reporting any incidences to the Police.  She advised the Council would also contact the school about this issue.  Unfortunately, there is not a great deal that can be done about people who break the law by driving badly through the build out, or who park irresponsibly.  Though bad driving can also be reported to the Police.


                Mrs Jukes – Asked if the SID battery was fixed, and if so if the unit could be moved onto the telegraph pole outside her back door on Ermin Street. 

                Cllr. Billington confirmed the battery had been recharged.  The Council agreed to move the SID to the suggested telegraph pole.


                Mrs Furber – Advised that the hedge at No. 1 Aldbourne Road has grown out over the path.  The Council will speak to the owner about cutting it back.


Members RESOLVED to confirm and adopt the minutes of Annual Parish Council meeting held on 14th May 2018 as a correct record.


5              CORRESPONDENCE
Members NOTED the following correspondence.

06 May 2018 – Email from Mr Prior relating to questions about the parish council finances.
22 May 2018 – Email from Mrs Archer relating to traffic not using the chicanes properly
02 June 2018 – Email from Mr Prior relating to questions about the parish council finances.
12 June 2018 – Email from Mr Dominy relating to grant funding for the firework event. Plus follow up email advising the total cost of the fireworks is £345+VAT
18 June 2018 – Email from Mrs Archer relating to school visitor blocking the build out.

29 June 2018 – Police report June/July – No incidents in Baydon

Members had no objections to the revised amount for the fireworks.


5.1          Members NOTED that all future correspondence sent to the Council will be put into the public domain stating date, name and content subject and will appear within agendas and minutes, unless specified otherwise by the sender.


Members NOTED the 2018/2019 insurance renewal with Ecclesiastical Insurance Group.


Upon advice from the acting clerk, Members RESOLVED to approve the minutes of Parish Assembly at the 2019 meeting.


Finches Farm, Finches Lane, Baydon, Wilts, SN8 2JN
Proposal:             Conversion of building to a single dwelling house.

Decision:             Due to the clerk’s resignation the Parish Council had not made any comment                     on this application.  It has since been approved by Wiltshire Council, and                     works have now commenced.


Members NOTED the report, and agreed to thank Ashbury Parish Council for consulting them, and advise that they had no comment to make.


10           FINANCE REPORT
Members RESOLVED to approve the finance report.  A copy of which appears as appendix A in the minutes.


11           2017-2018 YEAR END
Members NOTED the year end documents as sent by the previous clerk, Mr Oliver Armstrong.


The internal audit has been carried out by Mr C. McGowan

                Members RESOLVED to approve and sign Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2017/18


12(a)      Members RESOLVED to approve and sign Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2017/18



                The most recent play ground inspection highlighted a fallen tree and mower damage to a section of grass.  One quote has been received for the tree removal, and two more are expected by the end of the week.

                Members RESOLVED to approve a budget up to £200 (net) for the tree removal.


                Pittams have looked at the grass and felt it would recover with no remedial work.  Cllrs. will take a look and request repairs if they feel they are required.


                The repairs to the zip-wire finger guard are still to be carried out.  Cllr. Chidgey is trying to establish the original supplier to see if a warranty claim can be made.  So far two quotes have been received, one for £700 & one for £335.


                Members RESOLVED to approve a budget up to £350 (net) for repairs to the zip-wire finger guard.


                It was agreed that a sign advising that children under 12 need to be supervised in the play ground at all times should be put up.  Cllr. Billington agreed to look into the cost of one.


14           ITEMS TO NOTE

Reports have been received by the Church about the untidy manner in which the church yard is being left following maintenance work.  The Council will raise this with Pittams.


Andrew Jack has advised that fruit trees cannot be provided as part of the WWI commemorative tree planting project.  The allotment tenants have offered to maintain the 9 trees, but only if they are fruit trees.   Andrew Jack to be asked if the Parish Council can purchase their own fruit trees.


Automatic tick box on website – The website link for contacting the Parish Council just adds the email address into the sender’s email, it does not hold any personal data on the Baydon website.  For this reason, along with the statement made at 5.1 and the recently adopted Data Protection Policy, it means there is no requirement for a tick box.


Bollards on the pavement by Fiveways – This has been discussed by CATG and Steve Hind will be discussing it further with Cllr. Chidgey, before reporting back to CATG at the next available meeting.


The bench at the end of Downsmead  should be painted by the end of the week.


No election was called to replace Sarah Hancock, which means the Council can now co-opt.  Anyone over the age of 18, living or working in the Parish, can apply to be a councillor.  It is not an exclusive club and the wider the range of experience and ages there are, the better the Council will represent the Parish.


Cllr. Chidgey advised that with no clerk and only three councillors, it was getting to the stage where herself, Cllr. Billington and Cllr. Lawrence would be unable to continue.  If more villagers are not prepared to stand as councillors and no clerk can be found, there is a very real possibility that Baydon Parish Council will cease to be.  This will mean control for village functions would be handed to Wiltshire Council, and the response from them would be very poor.  There would no longer be a voice for Baydon in Wiltshire Council.


Members NOTED that Cllr. Billington will take on the role of Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)


None.  Date for the September meeting to be advised.


The meeting closed at 20:40






Signed________________________________   Cllr Sarah Chidgey/Acting-Chair    Date___________




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