Red Lion


Ermin Street, Baydon, Wiltshire SN8 2JP

01672 541224






“Actions speak louder than words: Or to quote the Spice Girls “what do you really, really want?”.


All the surveys that have been undertaken formally and informally in Baydon say that you, its residents, want to retain a pub in the village. However my experience as landlady of the Red Lion leads me to question this.

I have a small band of loyal patrons and a wider group of casual visitors but there is a large section of the village that seems never to use the facility that it is apparently so keen to retain. To them I would say (with another cliché) “use it or lose it!”.


I am very close to having, due to pure economics, to again reduce opening times. I appreciate this is a negative spiral. Fewer customers leads to reduced hours, reduced hours means fewer customers and the cycle continues toward an inevitable outcome.


If you really want to retain a village pub then it has to be something you go out of your way to use and support. In today’s economic situation it can’t exist as an abstract concept. Every village should have a church, a shop and yes….a pub. None of these can possibly survive if people don’t, for whatever reason, use them regularly.


If you want to keep the pub open you need to actively and regularly use it. Hopefully the good weather and longer evenings are just around the corner, spend a few at the Red Lion. You are assured of a friendly welcome!”




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