In 1991 this charity was registered with the Charity Commission. Prior to that it was a Trust set up in 1981 by Philip Mather in memory of his wife who died in December 1981. Mr and Mrs Mather lived at Barleymead, Aldbourne Road and both took much interest in the School and the children of the village.   

Philip Mather, a solicitor, was a churchwarden for several years and a governor of the School.


The Sites for Schools Act of 1842 led to land for the school being donated by the Earl of Craven to the Incumbent, Churchwardens and Overseers of Baydon. In the unlikely event of a school no longer being required in Baydon then the land would revert to the Earl of Craven or his successors. In 1967 Sylvia Mather financed the purchase of the Rights of Reversion from the Hon J B Coventry, a successor.


The main purpose of forming a registered charity was to provide a secure name into which the Reversion Rights of the school property, a Deed of Trust, could be placed. There is also an endowed sum of £7500 and this cannot be used without good reason and the permission of the Charity Commission. The interest received on the endowment can be used.


One of the main named purposes of the Charity is to promote education and provide a school in Baydon. In the past, the Charity has assisted the School in paying for the mobile classroom, the CDT room and assisting with repairs. It has also made awards to Baydon young people entering into higher education, to assist them with the expense of their studies.


There are five trustees, four ex-officio plus another appointed for a 5-year term by the four ex-officio. The ex-officio trustees are the Incumbent of the Benefice, Churchwardens of St Nicholas’ Church and Chairperson of the Parish Council.


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