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Parish Council - 2018

Meetings of the Parish Council are held regularly at the BYPA Hall in Manor Lane. All villagers are welcome to attend. Every meeting includes a Public Participation section where you may express your ideas or concerns to the Council. The meetings commence at 8pm in the BYPA Hall, and there are normally around nine such meetings a year. The position of the Chairman of the Parish Council is currently vacant, as is that of Parish Clerk. You can contact the Parish Council by email via baydonparishclerk@gmail.com and the drop-down menu of this website's Contact Us page. 

A list of the current Parish Councillors is at the bottom of this page.

Baydon Parish Council meeting dates, Agendas and Minutes for 2018 are shown below. It was agreed in 2019 that only 3 pervious years would be kept for immediate access. For dates before this 3 year period, please make a request to the website or Parish Clerk.
For previous year's please click here :- 2017, 2016

To access further historical Parish Council Agendas/Minutes, please make a request via the Contact Us page.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
Monday 15th January 2018 Click here Click here
Monday 19th February 2018 Click here Click here
Monday 9th April 2018 Click here Click here
Monday 14th May 2018 (Annual Parish Meeting) Click here Click here
Monday 2nd July 2018 (change of original date) Click here Click here
Monday 3rd September 2018 (change of original date)  Click here Click here
Monday 22nd October 2018 Click here Click here
Monday 26th November 2018 Click here Click here
Parish Assembly -  Friday 11th May 2018 Click here Click here

Note:- All attached documents referred to in the above Agendas and Minutes are available from the links above or the Parish Clerk on request.

Baydon Parish Clerk  -  Karen Clay (acting Clerk)     baydonparishclerk@gmail.com

Baydon Parish Chairman  - Sarah Chidgey (acting Chair)

Current Parish Councillors are :-

Sarah Chidgey 
(Parking, Traffic Calming, Footpaths, Beating the Bounds
and Save Baydon Lion Team) -
07795 288302

Brian Billington
(Planning, Beating the Bounds) -
01672 540456

Hugo Mackenzie Smith
01672 520462

Steve Sutton
07769 773979


Vacancies to fill - Following the resignation of the Chairman, the Parish Council needs to appoint someone to take over this role. Could this be you? Additionally, Baydon Parish Council urgently needs four Parish Councillors so that it has the required seven councillors. We are potentially  close to having a 'frozen' Council which would mean that you will have no voice as to what happens in your village.

PROCEDURES FOR CO-OPTION of new council members (as adopted 3 September 2018)
can be found here.

Documents relating to the public finances of the Parish Council are available to view online on this website - please click here to see the Parish Finances Page. 

The Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme. Please click here for a copy of the Publication Scheme for Baydon, and click here for a copy of the Model Publication Scheme Guidance Notes.

Click here to see the Agendas and Minutes for all the previous 2017 year meetings





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