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The Marlborough Our Community Matters blogsite is available for the whole Marlborough community area, with local news, events and articles - click here

Weekly Parish Newsletter being issued by Wiltshire Council - Wiltshire Council now issue a weekly Parish Newsletter which provides various information about the work of Wiltshire Council. It contains brief summaries of key reports, consultations and news with links to further information on their website. Click here to see the latest newsletter


Marlborough Area Board :-

Click here to see various related details re the Marlborough Area Board (MAB) which covers the village of Baydon

MAB meetings :-

The last Marlborough Area Board (MAB) meeting took place in Marlborough on Tuesday 6th November 2018.

The next meeting takes place on Tuesday 29th January 2019.
Click here
for further details of these local MAB meetings

Other items :-  

Mobile Library - Outside the School -10:50 - 11:40.
Further details about visits of the Library can be found at

Auto Renewal of Wiltshire Concessionary Bus Pass - Changes to the Automatic renewal of concessionary bus passes become effective from 1st January 2019.
Click here for more information about the Bus Pass system from Wilts Council.

Police and Crime Plan for Wiltshire and Swindon 2017 to 2021 issued - The plan sets the direction for our local policing and community safety for the next five years, and sets out the main priorities for Wiltshire Police. It also shows information about the typical daily demand for our local police services and the continuing demand to keep people safe from a range of threats. Click here to see a copy of the plan and full details

Please click here to see Wiltshire Council's own website


Last Wiltshire Council election was May 2017 - The results for Aldbourne and Ramsbury, the unitary division that includes Baydon saw James Sheppard re-elected being the Conservative Party candidate. The voting turnout was 39% and the results were :- James Sheppard, Conservative Party 67% followed by Fran Bishop 18% (Liberal Democrats), Jason Haythornwaite 9% (Labour) and Brian Utton 6% (Green Party)

(James Sheppard)


Last national election for Wiltshire was May 2015 - Claire Perry retained the parliamentary constituency of Devizes which includes Baydon with 57.7% of the votes, getting 28,295 votes with UKIP in second place with 7,544 votes, followed by Labour, Liberal Democrats and then the Green Party. The turnout was 70.8%

(Claire Perry)





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