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Baydon St. Nicholas Church


Forthcoming Church Services :-

22nd July    Holy Communion
29th         Holy Communion

12th August  Morning Prayer (Common Worship)
19th         Summer Songs of Praise
26th         Holy Communion

 9th Sept.   Matins (Book of Common Prayer)
16th         Informal Morning Worship
23rd         Holy Communion
30th         Morning Prayer (Common Worship)

All are welcome to any of the above Services, which start at 9.30am unless otherwise stated

There are also Team services as shown below:

  5th August    10am Team Holy Communion at Froxfield

 2nd Sept.     10am Team Holy Communion at St Michaelís, Aldbourne

30th Sept.      6pm Team Evening Prayer at Ramsbury

Church News :-

'Cake and Company' in the Aldbourne Methodist Hall, Lottage Road takes place on the first Monday of every month from 10.30am to 12pm noon. Click here for full details


Christian aid week - Village collection (May 2018). Thank you to all who collected and donated to Christian aid week. We collected a total of £436.50 and with much of it being gift aided making another £74.23 claimable giving a grand total of £510.73. I think you will agree that is a great result for our little village. Many thanks, Kate Buckingham


Puss Moth Talk by Tim Williams  Raising funds for Baydon Church. The evening was a huge success. In a packed Marlborough Town Hall on 11th April with Tim giving a enthralling talk and showing us historical film clips of both the plane and its owners. We sold in excess of 200 tickets and have raised over £4,500 which included some very generous donations. The winner of the Flight was Mrs Paula Meadows, she will go for a flight some time when the weather gets a bit better. Click here for a photo of Tim after the talk


We now have a Facebook page, search for us at St Nicholas Church Baydon as the link below. Please let Kate (Katebuckingham@waitrose.com) or Pamela (pamela.stnicholaslcc@gmail.com) know if you have any content or photos you might like uploaded



You can join the new "100 Club" and help raise money for the church. Fill in the form that recently came through your letterbox, alternatively contact a church warden or any other church member you know. There will be a draw each month with a first prize of up to £100 (20% of monthly income), second prize up to £50 (10% of monthly income) and third prize up to £25 (5% monthly income). This is a chance to have a win whilst helping keep our beautiful 11th century church up and running. Reminder:- we need funds to pay for the repairs to Vestry roof and additional stonework repairs to the stone fabric of the building, which will cost us £9,178, and we have raised £6,482 so far - Please click here to see full details and a copy of the signing up form




Church Activities - Please click here to see a new section just showing the regular local church activities


Church History and Archive - Please click here to see a new section showing historic church documents and archived news items, etc (updated 17th November 2016)



Benefice of Whitton - to which our parish belongs has its own website information about services, etc. Please click here for further details

Please click here for full news and information about the The Diocese of Salisbury



Team Rector - Revd Simon Weeden
Team Vicar - Revd Candice Marcus
Team Vicar - Revd Sue Rodd

Church Wardens* - Tina Evans and Donni Blackwell  

Secretary* - Margaret Hill ( e-mail contact via Church@baydon.org )

* updated April 2017




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