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Baydon St. Nicholas Church

Church History and Archive :-


Baydon church burials information - Please click here to see a chronological list of burials in Baydon's church. Also click here to see a map of the plots, headstones and plaques


Baydon Church featured on BBC Wiltshire Sunday Breakfast Show with Graham Rogers - BBC Radio Wiltshire recently had an item about Baydon church, including discussions with Revd Simon Weeden, Tony Topp and Dorothy Newman. A recording of this radio item where 'Amen Corner' visited our local church is available by clicking here


Archive - Photo gallery for the Queen's Jubilee flower and children's work festival - Click here


Russley Park, Wiltshire Horses Remount Depot Staffed Entirely by Women - Click here

Mr Charles Tuck was Veterinary Surgeon from Baydon Hill  - Click here

Baydon Hole Refugee Camp - Click here



Baydon men who fell in the 1914-18 and 1939-45 Wars - Please click here for details


Antonio Foresti, born on 14th March 1915 in the Piedmont region of Italy, a Prisoner of War near Baydon. Click here for full details (Research by Mike Ball, Baydon January 2016)



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Team Rector - Revd Simon Weeden
Team Vicar - Revd Candice Marcus
Team Vicar - Revd Sue Rodd

Church Wardens* - Tina Evans and Donni Blackwell  

Secretary* - Margaret Hill ( e-mail contact via Church@baydon.org )

* updated April 2017




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