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Parish Council - 2016

Meetings of the Parish Council are held regularly at the BYPA Hall in Manor Lane. All villagers are welcome to attend. Every meeting includes a Public Participation section where you may express your ideas or concerns to the Council. The meetings commence at 8pm in the BYPA Hall, and there are normally around eight such meetings a year. Tamsin Witt is the Chairman of the Parish Council, and Charlotte Booth is the Parish Clerk. You can contact the Parish Clerk by email via baydonparishclerk@gmail.com, via the drop-down menu of this website's Contact Us page, or via phone to 07729 225344 (see a list of the current four Parish Councillors at the bottom of this page)

Baydon Parish Council meeting dates, Agendas and Minutes for 2016 are shown below. It was agreed in 2019 that only 3 pervious years would be kept for immediate access. For dates before this 3 year period, please make a request to the website or Parish Clerk.

To access further historical Parish Council Agendas/Minutes, please make a request via the Contact Us page.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
Monday 11th January 2016 Click here Click here
Tuesday 9th February 2016 (Extraordinary Meeting) Click here Click here
Monday 22nd February 2016 Click here Click here
Monday 21st March 2016 Click here Click here
Monday 16th May 2016 (Annual General Meeting) Click here Click here
Monday 4th July 2016 Click here Click here
Monday 12th September 2016 Click here Click here
Monday 17th October 2016 Click here Click here
Monday 28th November 2016 Click here Click here
2017 dates to appear here soon, with first meeting    
being Monday 9th January 2017    
Parish Assembly -  27th June 2016 from 7.30pm   News report

Baydon Parish Clerk        -      Charlotte Booth *             baydonparishclerk@gmail.com
(or by phone 07729 225344)

Baydon Parish Chairman  -     Tamsin Witt                    


Current Parish Councillors (in alphabetical order) are :-

Amy Bryan (Allotments) - Woodsview, Downsmead, Baydon. SN8 2LQ

John Cockcroft (Planning, Footpaths) - Fairmead, Aldbourne Road, Baydon. SN8 2HZ

Kevin Howell (IT, Playground) - Pine Cottage, Aldbourne Road, Baydon. SN8 2HZ

Tamsin Witt (Chairman, Traffic Calming, C.A.T.G., B.Y.P.A.) - 15 Fiveways, Baydon. SN8 2LH

* Note:- Charlotte Booth (Clerk) is also the Parish Council's Responsible Finance Officer


Current parish councillor vacancies (November 2016) - Baydon Parish Council needs more parish councillor volunteers to come forward so that it can work effectively and represent a wider range of views from the village. Can you help ? Please click here for full details

Swindon Development Plan - Please click here to see various documents regarding Swindon's development plan including a recent housing development on our side of Swindon near Wanborough

Traffic calming in Baydon - Please click here to see the Parish Council's latest (November 2016) update on the traffic calming project in Baydon. Also click here to see the full history of traffic calming efforts in Baydon and click here to see a copy of the related presentation given at the 4th July 2016 Parish Council meeting. Following subsequent consultation meetings, etc an independent safety report was commissioned to look at all aspects of the safety of the proposed 2nd stage chicane traffic calming project which was published in July 2016 and then a designers response report to those findings was issued in August 2016. Please click on the following links to see these reports:- Safety Report and Designers Response Report

Documents relating to the public finances of the Parish Council are available to view online on this website - please click here to see the Parish Finances Page

The Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme. Please click here for a copy of the Publication Scheme for Baydon, and click here for a copy of the Model Publication Scheme Guidance Notes





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